Bounce celebrates one year anniversary with 100k daily rides

Completed 70 million kms in Bangalore with 9500 dockless scooters.

Bounce, India’s first and fastest-growing dockless bike-sharing player has reached a significant milestone of 100,000 rides per day in Bengaluru. Within 13 months of the company launching its dockless offering, Bounce has completed 10 million transactions in the city and covered more than 70 million kilometres with their 9500 scooters. The company has seen exponential growth since its launch and is today one of the fastest-growing brands, scaling on par with global players like Lime (14 months to hit 10mn transactions) and Bird (12 months to cross 10 mn transactions).

In India only 18% of the population has access to an owned vehicle, 82% depends on shared and public transport for their daily commute. However, due to poor urban planning and lack of infrastructure, transport is broken in most parts of the country. Bounce aims to provide convenient, affordable and time-efficient commute options to citizens by encouraging them to opt for shared mobility for first-last mile connectivity and public transport for long-distance travel. Bounce scooters remain one of the most affordable modes of commute, offering users rides at 5 Rupees per km. The company plans to expand its offering to 10 metro cities in the coming year, after recently launching their dockless model in Hyderabad.

Micro mobility is growing at a rapid rate than we have ever seen in the country. Commuters are looking for faster and affordable modes of a commute than owning a vehicle. In a city that has more than 6 million two-wheelers, scooters are a preferred mode of transport, especially for first and last-mile connectivity. Bounce is targeting these audiences with their dockless bike offering. The company believes that mobility should be a fundamental right and is looking at making commute so cheap that it's almost free.

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