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Let your smartphone help curb sound pollution

Published Oct 24, 2016, 8:53 am IST
Updated Oct 24, 2016, 9:07 am IST
Some mobile apps let you measure and block sound pollution.
Sound  monitoring app  measures noise levels at  different  surroundings.
 Sound monitoring app measures noise levels at different surroundings.

If you are wondering how to keep the noise pollution at bay this Diwali, here are a few apps that can help you control or keep in check the sound levels:

Sound Meter: A sound monitoring app like Sound Meter comes handy when you need to establish the exact sound level in your neighbourhood. Developed by SmartTools, this app shows noise levels in decibels by using your phone’s built-in microphone. It lists normal noise levels in different surroundings like children’s park, traffic, etc and lets you know when it exceeds the limits. You can also take screenshots and use it as evidence while lodging a complaint. Sound Meter is available for free download in Google Play store


Decibel 10th: It is a similar sound monitoring app that measures noise levels at different surroundings and shows in three different values of ‘Average’, ‘Peak’ and ‘Maximum’. This app also allows you to share the decibel reports via email and social networking sites. You can download it for free at the iTunes store and Google Play store

Noise Machine: Usually during Diwali the cracker bursting begins at early hours of morning and goes on till midnight or sometimes past it. It causes a lot of disturbance and health hazards especially if you have infants, elderly with heart condition and pets in your house. Noise Machine by Synopsia blocks the background sound by creating white noise that helps you sleep or relax. You can use this app by plugging earphones to phones or use Bluetooth speakers in your room. The app generates white, pink and red noise (terms that denote the frequency distribution of the sound) depending on the frequency of the background noise levels. It is now available for free in Google Play Store.


- IndiaTechOnline

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