\'Create trust, money will automatically follow’

Multi-million dollar company Value Marketing has always focused on earning the trust of its customers, says founder Reza Shojaei

​The only reason Value Marketing is a multi-million dollar company is because they have always focussed on creating trust and value for their customers, says its founder Reza Shojaei.

A business venture succeeds when the satisfied customer comes back for more or even recommends others to try out a particular service. This has been the success mantra for Reza Shojaei who has managed to forge a successful business offering reviews and guidance for the best online casino gaming sites.

“There were several issues associated with online casino business when we started off. We thought we needed to be different. We need to be honest and create enough transparency that people trust us. I believe that our business has succeeded to the heights we are in today, because we have managed to solve every single problem faced by our customers and be honest in our guidance,” he points out.

Value Marketing through their two brands, and ensure that they only recommend online casinos that are 100 percent safe and secure. “We are extremely careful when we offer reviews and recommendations to online gamers about high quality sites to play. It is for this reason that we are the most trusted company in the online gaming business today,” Shojaei says.

He explains that they have clientele in around 12 countries and the present situation offers tremendous scope for expansion in several more. “We believe that a lot of people staying home due to the present situations would want to explore online casinos and gaming sites for fun. Many countries have also relaxed their online gaming regulations a bit, which offers a good opportunity for online gaming companies to expand their operations,” he informs.

According to Shojaei, one of the biggest challenges in this sector is to produce new content to keep their customers updated. “In order to be relevant, it is important to keep up with all the ever-changing laws and rules as we have our presence in multiple countries. We have managed to hire some of the best talents like copywriters, editors, designers, and developers for each country. As they are present across various time zones, coordinating with each one of them is a big challenge,” he reveals.

Shojaei points out that he has played online casinos and was an avid poker player for over 15 years. “So it was natural for me to get involved in this business. It was more of a passion for me to get into this iGaming industry. In my free time, I really love testing new online casinos. Also, all our copywriters are highly experienced and ensure that they themselves try the online casino sites before recommending the same to the customers,” He adds.

He explains that there has been a boom as far as the online gaming sites are concerned. “With a large number of online casinos coming up, there is also an increase in the number of websites offering reviews and recommendations. We believe that competition is always welcome and necessary as it constantly pushes us to better ourselves than our competitors. It encourages us to be more efficient,” he says.

Shojaei, however, cautions customers against companies offering inaccurate information on the gaming portals. “There would be a huge risk if the player would fail to differentiate between an unfair and fair platform. He would lose not only his money but also the confidence of playing online,” he informs.

Speaking about his company, he states that they started off as an on-ground face-to-face sales company. “Soon enough, I realised that I was not enjoying what we are doing and decided to get into the online gaming business. I would also like to advise people, you need to look for opportunities that give you mental satisfaction rather than just working for money,” he says.

He adds that the profit earned is invested back in the business to hire the right talent. “Our business has grown manifold, thanks to the efforts put in by each of the team members. Getting the right person for the job is equally important as the business idea itself,” he reveals.

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