Letstrack launches LT consult– a B2B product for businesses

Letstrack, an IOT based tracking solution has launched its new B2B product i.e. LT-Consult for Business.

Letstrack, an IOT based tracking solution has launched its new B2B product i.e. LT-Consult for Business. LT-Consult is an Enterprise Letstrack GPS package for your business where experts collaborate, identify and help create solutions to optimize processes and by blending multiple standalone requirements. It also optimizes efficiency by giving a single view to business operations translating to transparency and effective cost optimization for the business.

The LT Consult is fully customizable and has customized hardware development and extensions. The system is based on API/Protocol based integration with the LetsTrack platform, which is meant for vehicle tracking. The API reflects real –time location of devices in the existing software. The customer can immobilize or even mobilize of a particular vehicle and the access to the engine start and cut remotely. Restricted call for API can be enabled. The customized application and workflow can be designed to optimize.

The LT Consult can be trusted to analyze business operations along with market trends and predictions, which can be analyzed and utilized to create new marketing strategies and reduce wastage.

The technology of the business can be used to create traction and increase returns. The legal, sales, Human resources, Finance, logistics, and Data Process insides can be tracked and refined. The aim is to create a business that is operationally secure and optimized. The entire process can be customized according to the needs of the customized.

LT Consult helps customers with benchmark analysis. The analysis can help form a strategic consultancy system that can help increase the resource utilization efficiency of the company. The overall improvement in the existing software with the use of API’s has been seen to improve the overall business outlook and profit margins.

The competitive analysis that LT Consult provides access to gives your business the edge that helps it move head and shoulders ahead of the competitors and become market leaders. The aim is to reduce wastage, optimize resources and create synergy in the various departments by tweaking the existing software with API integrations. LT Consult can change the way you look at your business and help create seamless improvement in every department.

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