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Technology Other News 23 May 2017 Noteshelf: Get digit ...

Noteshelf: Get digital, go eco-friendly, have fun, be productive

Published May 23, 2017, 10:33 am IST
Updated May 23, 2017, 10:59 am IST
It is a note-taking app for your iPad and has a great set of features that can transform simple freeform handwriting into digital formats.
On the business front, Noteshelf can be used by designers, entrepreneurs, and many others who need to physically take notes or alike.
 On the business front, Noteshelf can be used by designers, entrepreneurs, and many others who need to physically take notes or alike.

Digitisation, the one word that has been around since more than a decade, has not yet been taken seriously. Digitisation is a process that involves conversion of information into a digital format. While digitisation is a larger umbrella, the most important factor and reason for the process is to help save the planet by saving paper. Digitisation is something that can also help benefit in saving time, apart from being eco-friendly. This eco-friendly process needs immediate attention and action, before humans end up wiping off the trees from our planet.

By reducing the use of paper, we can help the environment and out future generation by a huge margin. If each person can do his bit to help save the planet, we could promise our next generation a better future.


Digitisation has come a long way. Earlier, we could scan our existing paper and physical documents into digital formats, either using OCR or as a simple photo or PDF format. This helps store important documents in a smaller space, copies and data can be sent across via the internet and the database can be searched within seconds. Going digital is the next keyword that should to be embedded within our DNA ahead, not only to save time and space, but also to help the environment.

In order to add its bit of good work to the society, a Hyderabad-based firm called Fluid Touch has been helping tablet users take notes and do more with a single app that has been downloaded more than 3 million times. The app, named Noteshelf, is presently used at large and critics all over the world have been appreciating the features for a while. Noteshelf makes digitisation fun.



Noteshelf is an iPad app that is available for around Rs 800 on the iTunes App Store with a 4.5-star rating till date. It is a note-taking app for your iPad and has a great set of features that can transform simple freeform handwriting into digital formats and saved or shared across. Use it with your finger, or even better, use it with the Apple Pencil if you have the iPad Pro and you won’t be sorry for investing on this app.

The app lets you jot down notes easily and naturally straight on your iPad. It is a perfect app for school and college students where they can use it to take down notes and scribbles instead of dragging along several physical notebooks to school. It can also benefit students, teachers and professors where they can also connect the iPad to a projector and instantly present lectures, reviews and thoughts to their students.



On the business front, Noteshelf can be used by designers, entrepreneurs, and many others who need to physically take notes or alike. They can use it to document their brainstorming ideas, sketching logos, drafting proposals, creating mind maps and even signing, sending and printing contracts on the go. Other professions that can benefit from Noteshelf are musicians, journalists, and many more. With Noteshelf, you can copy-paste and edit pictures, add smileys, doodles and practically personalise your notes.


Noteshelf has also embedded the Evernote auto-publish feature where users can automatically publish their content to their Evernote account. These notes can then be searchable and available on any PC or smartphone.


Noteshelf comes with several features:

Natural Handwriting: Writing on your iPad feels so natural on Noteshelf. It catches that intuitive inkon-paper feeling so smoothly, with its high-performance Open GL capability.

Scribble in Style: From pens, inks, highlighters and pencils, our wide range of writing tools also comes with an unlimited pallet of colours.

Stay Organised: Group or ungroup notebooks with just a drag and a tap of finger. Catalogue using titles, tags and notebook covers. Set up a password for your secret notes.

Customise Endlessly: Choose from a wide selection of papers & notebook covers. Tweak your pen / highlighter’s colours and sizes. Pick a shelf theme. Mix and match anytime with Noteshelf.


Sharp and Crisp Sketches: See the finest of lines, the smoothness of dots, and the finely-tuned artwork finishings. Create visually stunning compositions with Noteshelf’s high resolution graphics.

Share, Export, Print Easily: Instantly share and export ideas via your Email, Dropbox and more. Print directly from your iPad with ease.

Pick Your Tool: Use your hand or stylus, comfortably & easily. For a cleaner output, we recommend high quality stylus from our partners: Adonit’s Jot Touch / Jot Script, Hex3 Jaja, Pogo Connect and Wacom’s Intuos Creative Stylus.


Various File Formats: Import and annotate not only PDF files but also Microsoft Word,Powerpoint and Excel documents within Noteshelf.

Google Drive Support: Import documents from your google drive account. Export it back as an image or PDF, easy breezy.

Left Hand Support: Noteshelf now allows left hand writing and 5 other writing styles for improved palm rejection, diversifying any user’s writing experiences.


Since its launch, Noteshelf has garnered an ever increasing number of loyal users, mostly coming from the educational sector and tech industry. While some critics state that it is a fabulous option for both students and professionals, others say that it is a hands down best handwritingapp presently on the App Store. The virtual ink rendering, a great UI, loads of features and lots of templates, makes working with Noteshelf even easier. Noteshelf is a near-perfect digital notebook that one must have. To try out Noteshelf, click on the link to download it to your iPad. Noteshelf is presently only available for iPad, and is best used on an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. Noteshelf works with any capacitive stylus, be it the Pogo, Bamboo, Addonit, Wacom or Pencil. You can make notes or create art and you would get the exact feeling like you are working on a regular notebook with a gel pen, highlighter, pencil or an ink pen.


Check out a few videos on Noteshelf below:






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