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Microsoft’s big week; prepares for epic Apple clash

Published May 22, 2017, 4:20 pm IST
Updated May 23, 2017, 2:27 pm IST
Rumors have suggested that the company is also preparing a product unveiling, though the existing leaks and speculations
The next Surface that could see daylight this week in Shanghai might be called simply Surface Pro.
 The next Surface that could see daylight this week in Shanghai might be called simply Surface Pro.

Microsoft and Apple are going one on one in its 2-in-1 market this year. While the Redmond Giant is prepping a hardware refresh to its existing generation, the Cupertino based rival is working on something which would prove to be a major overhaul of its current models.

The big changes include a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro featuring no bezels and other features/products by early June, this week is however particularly important for Microsoft as the software giant will hold a new event on May 23 to announce its latest Surface plans.


Rumors have also suggested that the company is prepping itself for a product unveiling, but the existing leaks and speculations are very unlikely to generate excitement among Microsoft fans.

The new Surface Pro is almost here!

The next Surface that could see daylight this week in Shanghai might be called simply Surface Pro and represent a makeover of the current Surface Pro 4, mostly under the hood.

Because of this, Microsoft is now planning to launch new hardware upgrades like Kaby Lake chips, more RAM and storage, while the rest of the features and overall design will remain more or less the same.


Rumors are also present that Microsoft could be betting on the Alcantara fabric that it praised so much during the Surface Laptop unveiling. This means the Surface Pro could come with a similar cover as well, though the company could go for the same strategy as for the existing model and offer it as an optional premium accessory.

Also the most important proof is that that no big news is planned for the Shanghai event is that no live streaming is planned, so Microsoft will most likely publish a press release when the event is over.

Microsoft might be in a bit of a problem because with no major upgrades on the radar, and with Apple now getting ready to launch a substantially redesigned iPad Pro, Microsoft might have a hard time to remain relevant in the 2-in-1 fight against its Cupertino rival.


As far as the laptop clash goes, a new-generation Surface Book is projected to launch in the fall, possibly alongside a completely overhauled Surface Pro as well, while Apple could unveil its several new devices next month, including not only the iPad Pro, but also hardware upgrades for its MacBook Pro lineup.

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