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LIKE app introduces Colourful Hair function

Published Apr 22, 2019, 4:40 pm IST
Updated Apr 22, 2019, 4:40 pm IST
LIKE app also has other features that bring unique experience to users.
 LIKE app also has other features that bring unique experience to users.

Singapore-based LIKE App has launched a new creative function- Colourful Hair to offer users fun elements to play with.

The dynamic Colourful Hair sticker applies face-detection and tracking technology to enable dozens of unique and active overlays in users’ videos. Users can now adorn a stylish look in their videos, with coloured hair of their choice, all for free!

LIKE app also has other features that bring a unique experience to users, that no other app offers. Some of the features are:

Superme – Comes with cutting-edge game engine technology to realize real-time interactive image application processing which offers an innovative option to combine photo-editing with video creation. With this feature, users can easily transfer a 2D image to a 3D video - photo processing can now be done with a single click.

Superpower – Augmented reality effect based on skeleton tracking and classification technology, empowering creators to add supernatural effects that match body movement.

4D Magic – Features AI-powered body movement tracking paired with image editing and special effects processing that allows for interchangeable, dynamic backgrounds that can accommodate multiple people in a video.

Music Magic – Identifies background music while accurately matching special effects to any sound, enabling users to express their emotions freely by choosing different themes.

LIKE App offers a plethora of features and stickers allowing users to create and edit videos. The features’ list ranges from Music Magic filters, AR effects with 4D magic to a vast library of dynamic stickers that is updated regularly to include new ones.

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