Top 5 Payment Gateways for the most secure online payments

Choosing the right payment gateway is the supplement that any business requires to boost its cash flow.

With India moving towards a less-cash economy, new and small businesses are emerging rapidly. However, one challenge that startups and entrepreneurs continue to face till date is secure online currency transfers. From money transfer to making payments through mobile or doing a foreign currency transfer, payment gateways in the e-commerce industry are enabling safe and secure transactions across businesses. From running an exciting startup or building a robust and consumer-facing business, choosing the right payment gateway is the supplement that any business requires to boost its cash flow.

Here’s a list of the top 5 Payment Gateways in India that provide safe, secure and speedy online payments across sectors.

1. ATOM Technologies

A Financial Technologies Group Enterprise, Atom technologies cater to all payment processing requirements right from IVR, Internet and Mobile based applications. They are the only IVR based transaction processing platform that enables debit card/direct debit account-to-account transfer.

Atom’s online payment gateway platform offers various solutions for processing transactions. Their Payment Gateway is integrated with 50+ banks and 256+ payment options offering transaction through all major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, IMPS etc. Its robust set of capabilities is devised to aid both start-ups and the longest-running businesses to grow revenue, alleviate risk and safeguard customer’s data.

2. CC Avenue

CCAvenue undoubtedly is one of the biggest payment solution providers in India as nearly 85% of Indian e-commerce merchants avail their services. The key features includes 100+ payment options, Multiple Currency Processing, iframe Integration, Real-time payment collection, In-App integration, CCAvenue PhonePay, Immediate Mobile Payment Service (IMPS), Audit & Analytics and large window for on boarders.

3. Bill Desk

With a vision of creating a one-stop destination to make all payments, at one time, from one location - or better still anytime from any location, Bill Desk is a the one single destination that keeps track of your bills, informs of due dates, eliminates the hassle of writing out cheques and standing in queues and gives the freedom and the ability to pay with just one instruction to our bank. It is committed to implement innovative solutions for simplifying payments and collections and translating the opportunities offered by the Internet into actual customer delight through efficient payment and collection services. BillDesk is focused on providing a compelling value-add service that simplifies bill payment and management for the advantage of customers, deliver on reliability, efficiency and performance and most importantly provide a secure zone where customers can transact with the confidence.


Obopay offers businesses a unique, integrated processing money solution architecture platform that is capable of linking multiple participants into a transaction network by adapting to a variety of money enterprise management system with digital business payment technologies. They provide merchant payment platform for variety of corporate money solutions. Thier digital payment business solution services product enables seamless on boarding of the digital payment software platform to help manage real-time mobile money payment solution processes across multiple access digital money transformation channels. With mobile client interfaces across multiple channels, their digital lifestyle solution maximizes customer reach and allows users, mobile financial solutions such as to send and receive money, pay bills and buy goods and services, seamlessly.

5. Ingenico

They provide merchants with a comprehensive and innovative range of services and solutions such as online mobile payments, cross border payments, checkout and conversions that eliminate payment complexity and make purchasing quick, seamless and secure for consumers, whatever the sales channel or payment method. The customers benefit from the depth and breadth of the large in-store and online acceptance network, which combines global expertise with local solutions. They connect retailers to all financial institutions and deliver access to the widest portfolio of local, national, international and alternative payment methods.

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