Virtual girlfriend now a reality thanks to Augmented Reality sets

A Hololens app can help users create their own virtual girlfriends in 3D and even play with them.

Man is a social animal and needs a companion for existing peacefully in the society. In the world of today’s teenage boys and even grown-up men, having a girlfriend is a must-have necessity to live life the way it's meant to be lived. However, for our male readers, they can probably understand the difficulties one has to go through in order to get a perfect companion. Seems like the world of technology is here to poke its nose and solve the issue in this case as well. Yes, for all those people yearning to find their lady love, Augmented Reality will now bring your own personalised girlfriend.

A group by the name of 3D Hologroup has come up with an application on Microsoft’s Augmented Reality-based Hololens glasses that allows users to create their own girlfriend. The application is called ‘3D Holo Girlfriend’ and utilises the Microsoft Hololens or Meta Vision’s Meta2 headset. The application is presently in its beta mode and is expected to roll out sometime later this year.

3D Holo Girlfriend model One of the four available AR girlfriends on the 3D Holo Girlfriend app beta version.

The app will use the AR headset to display a 3D girlfriend in real space. However, what’s surprising is that it will even let users play with their virtual girlfriends, just like the real-world counterparts. The developers will be even offering users to customise their girlfriend inch-by-inch and even alter the way they behave. Users could also work with the developers to create a model from scratch. The developers even state that they "can do way more cool things with 3D character models." Presently, there are a limited number of models available for trial in the beta version.

With this implementation finding its way into commercial AR handsets, the days of AR porn and sex are not far away. With advanced headsets, users will be able to interact with their virtual girlfriends in multiple imaginable ways. While this comes as a good news for those who are yet to find their lady love, it pushes one grave threat — what will happen to actual human relations, where the real people can’t be customised?

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( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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