Finally! New WhatsApp update to save users from sharing media with wrong contact

The new update will help double check the name of the contact before hitting the send button.

Sent a photo on WhatsApp to someone who you were not supposed to? Yes, we’ve all been in this awkward situation and there’s no way to take it back once it’s been downloaded in their cell phones. Well, this goof-up has broken a lot of hearts than you can imagine, raised conflicts between the closest of friends and a ton of embarrassment is pretty much default.

Now, we can save the embarrassment for some other day as WhatsApp has got us covered from sharing media with the wrong contact again and again. WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature to ensure users do not mistakenly send an image to the wrong contact by adding the contact name below the image caption. Presently, this new feature is been tested out in the beta program of WhatsApp and it is soon expected for everyone once the new update rolls out.

In the latest version of WhatsApp, when users are sending an image they can see a small icon on the top left corner with the profile picture of the person to whom they are sending the image. After the new update, a clear mention of the contact name under the image caption area may come in handy to cross check the contact name before hitting the send button.

WhatsApp Beta users on Android can test the feature by installing the version 2.19.173 or later.

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