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Bots, the future of education?

Published Sep 19, 2016, 5:04 pm IST
Updated Sep 19, 2016, 5:04 pm IST
Bot is an automated response system, which works when you have to address large number of people through internet.
For representational purose only (credit: automates)
 For representational purose only (credit: automates)

Bot, an automated response system which works when you have to address large number of people through the internet, has been believed by PaGaLGuY to have significantly reduce the time coaches have to spend on doing repetitive work.

They are programmed to train on data and essentially act as forces of multipliers that help allocate the resources more effectively. Many might question the quality of the delivery made by these automated systems. However, the quality of the responses is directly proportional to the volume of the data that is channeled to the bot. Over a period of time, bots will take on more challenges and will provide unimaginable functionalities.


PaGaLGuY first thought of bots in 2015 when they saw the amount of repetitive work that their coaches had to do. They felt that they could automate the responses in order to reduce some of their work load which included answering basic questions, messaging the users and motivating them too.

Since then, they have been able to launch four more bots whose detailed description can be found below:

Feedback: Lets the user know about his/her performance on Prepathon, taking into account how much time they have spent answering questions, how many questions were answered correctly and the assessment of one’s performance w.r.t everyone else.

Announcement: Makes sure one gets all important updates such as exam deadlines, new course material etc. from the course creators.

Revision: Automatic provision of suggestions on the topics the user needs to revise.  This is based on a spaced-repetition algorithm, to ensure that the candidate remembers the information which was studied previously.

Motivation: For days when the user feels that his energy is not quite 100%; the motivation bot helps lift their spirits by offering easier goals, showing how their peers are doing on Prepathon, etc.

Each of these bots will use varying degrees of machine learning and AI to keep getting better at what they do.

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