4 tech disrupting platforms using different ways to retain employees

Present-day enterprises are curating an excellent working environment for their most valuable assets.

To prevent employees from departing for seemingly greener pastures, employers must hone their company culture – they need to create a unique, rewarding, and engaging work environment that cannot be found anywhere else. Being aware that the top talent would always hold the reigns of a company’s growth and longevity, present-day enterprises are curating an excellent working environment for perhaps their most valuable assets.

Happy Loans: A green office with robot sweeper & fitness bands for Emp_ID

Swearing by the age-old adage, health is wealth, Mumbai-based Happy Loans has walked the extra mile in ensuring a green, modish and healthy environment for their employees. The workplace houses lush greenery, with over 200 plants accentuating the beauty of its premises. Furthermore, ensuring that the employees’ health will never take a backseat again, Happy Loans has a robot sweeper and branded fitness bands for identification. Right from clocking in at work to becoming aware of their fitness levels and getting in more oxygen Happy Loans is covering the extra mile in extending the most conducive work environment to its employees.

Junglee Games: A strong, values-driven culture

The culture of an organization is definitely a glue that makes the workforce stick together, as appears to be true in the case of San Francisco and Delhi based Junglee Games. The cutting-edge tech and gaming platform have completely removed the top-down approach, and let its core values and data drive the business. With a core belief in leading with love, Junglee Games is home to a diverse workforce of 200+, spanning 7 countries and speaking 15 different languages. As the team works cohesively, every employee enjoys the privilege to come up with ideas that would take the venture forward. Obsessing with numbers to drive business, Junglee Games A/B test the idea and let data enable decision-making.

Cybage: Utilizing AI to help business leaders make better decisions

Decision making is perhaps the most crucial tasks for employees. In this age of digitization, we are constantly dwelling amidst information overload and the hard working business leaders could use a little help with the decision. This is where Pune-based Cybage steps in. With its data-driven framework Decision Mines, Cybage aids managers with machine learning and predictive analytics to make informed decisions, helping them leverage the art of judgment and science of data. However, during the genesis of this product, Cybage first extended the powerful platform to its very own employees. Empowering employees with cutting-edge technology and noticing wonderful results allowed Cybage to go ahead and make Decision Mines accessible to all.

Haptik: Getting ChatBots to rescue employees from the mundane tasks

Putting all the chatter of ChatBots and AI taking over human jobs behind, Haptik has actually been successful in forging alliances between the tech and the living. Mumbai-based India’s largest Conversational AI platform utilizes the skill set of human resources in customer service to help train their bots. Thus, while bots get really close to learning directly from the horse’s mouth, human resources that were previously engaged in the mundane and repetitive tasks now have the opportunity to graduate to levels of bot builders, trainers, QA and more.

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