AI power: Now you can play scrabble with a robot

The Industrial Technology Research Institute has unveiled a companion robot that plays scrabble.

Taiwan’s largest high-tech applied research institution, the Industrial Technology Research Institute unveiled a robot that plays Scrabble with anyone willing to take on the challenge at CES International in Las Vegas.

It seems that now the most popular and mentally challenging board games might get even harder to play. The Intelligent Vision System for Companion Robots is a blend of 3-D vision recognition, artificial intelligence and hand-eye coordination technologies that play scrabble and learn from the experience.

ITRI robot

According to ABC News, the new intelligent robot can differentiate between various Scrabble blocks, words and their locations on the game board. ITRI says that the robot can also grip, move and interact with the letter cubes with extreme precision.

ABC News says "the game is played in traditional Scrabble form and is timed so that each player gets equal time to create a word. The companion robot can recognise the words and plays his word according to what was played by his opponent. Once the game is finished, players can view the gaming screen to see how they did. The robot is a working prototype for now with release date unconfirmed.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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