5 easy WhatsApp fixes to try when the app is down

Websites like Downdetector or help you find if the social messenger WhatsApp is down or not.

A primary way to connect nowadays is through the WhatsApp messaging app. But what should be done when your favourite messaging app is down? Here are 5 easy fixes to try.

Find the root of the problem

Whenever you face a problem with WhatsApp, the basic drill is to understand whether the problem is on your side or on the app’s front. Websites like Downdetector or help you find if the social messenger WhatsApp is down or not. Once figuring out the issue you can take your next steps.

Internet connection

After checking the above-mentioned websites trying to figure out the problem and you see no reports on the outage. Don’t be confused but rather check the internet connection on your mobile device and try restarting your Wi-Fi or your data connection, it may do the trick.

Also, try playing a random YouTube video or visit any website to check whether everything is working properly in your front. If it still doesn’t work you could be facing issues related to your Wi-Fi or your data connection.

Clear cache and force stop

Performing a force stop will completely kill the app until started again. And after, try clearing the accumulated cache on the device, clearing your cache helps get rid of the temporary files the app has stored.

Performing a force stop is very easy, simply head to settings and go-to apps. Find WhatsApp and tapping on it will show you the option to force stop. Right below is the storage tab which has the clear cache option.

Reinstall or update

There is a good possibility that the app needs to be updated and might be down because of a bug issue. Check on the Google Play Store app whether it has an update or not. Other best option here would be to uninstall the app and install it back again.

Remove VPN

VPN’s come in handy to hide your identity online, bypass regional content restrictions on services and get access to WhatsApp in countries it isn’t available, and it also could be the cause if the messaging app isn’t working for you. Just turn it off and see whether it solves your problem or not.

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