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Dash price is going up - what are the forecasts?

Published Mar 16, 2018, 4:32 pm IST
Updated Mar 16, 2018, 4:32 pm IST
Dash cryptocurrency is a two-tier altcoin, an alternative cryptocurrency to Bitcoin.
Developed by Evan Duffield and released on January 2014 as Xcoin, Dash has since been on an upward trajectory overall.
 Developed by Evan Duffield and released on January 2014 as Xcoin, Dash has since been on an upward trajectory overall.

Developed by Evan Duffield and released on January 2014 as Xcoin, Dash has since been on an upward trajectory overall. Today (March 9), the DASH to USD price undergoes a slight correction and is set at $455. But will it go up? Let’s study the forecasts and decide whether it is a good way to rely on them only.

Why is the Dash cryptocurrency unique?


Dash offers transactions which enable users to send information to other network members in an instant and concealed manner.

The cutting-edge innovations of the InstantSend and PrivateSend transactions have enabled Dash to be exceptional in connecting users on the click of a button. This has materialized a peer-to-peer experience that was previously unfathomable on the crypto currency field.

Dash cryptocurrency is a two-tier altcoin (alternative cryptocurrency to Bitcoin). The Dash platform entails users, referred to as “miners”, and “masternodes” - hence the term two-tier. Masternodes instantly relay anonymous transactions specified by the “InstantSend and PrivateSend” features and perform governance functions that are required by the network.

Additionally, the users are rewarded for carrying out transactions, and the system of network that maintains the transactions also gets a payoff as Dash coins which are reinvested back into the Blockchain development - a unique factor that makes Dash currency self-sustaining, self-regulating and self-reliant. It assures users and potential investors of the going concern capability.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies where the algorithm of User identities can be manipulated and compromised by cyber attackers, the Masternodes in Dash collate the transactions into individual nodes and relay them to potential user in a decentralized manner, eliminating centralization of the network, hence securing the network.

What is in store for Dash in 2018?

In 2018 the Dash team will focus on increasing Dash’s functionality as ‘digital cash’ by releasing Evolution, a user-friendly platform that aims at facilitating direct payments between peers. What does it mean? Anyone (even the least tech-savvy) will be able to send/receive cryptocurrency payments within the network thanks to a simplified user interface and straightforward interaction with the system. Simply put, all the user needs is to log into the account, add other users to his/her ‘friends list’ and send direct payments by their alias, clicking the payment button. The Evolution is also expected to have a network of merchants accepting Dash as a payment - they can also be contacted and paid for their services without any middlemen.

The Dash team looks forward to establishing new business partnerships in 2018 as well, thus expanding user reach and Dash adoption.

Price forecasts

What do forecast websites say?

Wallet Investor

Wallet Investor forecast analyzes Dash Prices performance in intervals of 180 seconds. Wallet investor forecast predicts an upsurge in the value of Dash to $5,235.43 after a span of five years with a yield of +1,050.55% (taking into account the current price of $455). Additionally, Wallet Investor forecast believes that the year 2018 will witness a further upsurge and the forecasted value per Dash unit will be $1,700 in December 2018.

Forex News Now

Forex News Now forecasts that the price of Dash per USD will surpass $1,000.00 at the end of year 2018. This assumption is derived from the weakening criticism from crypto enthusiasts who had previously labeled the Dash currency as a ‘scam shrouded in mystery’. Additionally, Forex News Now reports that Dash is scarce and therefore valuable, which was proven by its ‘bullish’ growth throughout 2017. Riding on this assertions, Forex News Now forecasts another upsurge in Dash prices in 2018 driven by the growing marijuana trade.

Economy Forecast Agency

The Economy Forecast Agency, on the other hand, predicts that Dash price will follow the downward trend and close the year at a maximum high of $270.00 having a monthly average of $251-252 with the fluctuation rate of over 1%. The year’s maximum is forecasted for March 2018 (at $347-627) and a minimum of $200-250 for October 2018, following the regression analysis of the data previously collected over a similar period.

Investing Haven

While forecasting, Investing Haven has taken into account the factors that are likely to shape the performance of the Dash prices this year. The forecast for 2018 emphasizes the factors outlined herein:

Focus on the superiority of Dash over other cryptocurrencies due to decentralization and anonymity of the Organization that enables both the developers and volunteers to contribute to the network;

C++ language used on the Dash network enables many programmers to add to the network development;

InstantSend and PrivateSend transaction modes foster speed and privacy that appeals to users.

The forecast further alludes that the retail sector is keen on investing given the scalability Dash presents to the users, reaping the benefits of cheap, fast, secure and anonymous transactions.

Investing Haven forecasts that at the end of 2018, the price for Dash would range on a low of $1,500.00 and a high of $3,000.00, following a correlation to other cryptocurrencies’ bullish trends and the uniqueness of Dash itself.


As you can see, the forecasts for Dash’s price are quite controversial, meaning that there is no general consensus over which trend it might stick to in 2018. There doesn’t exist any cryptocurrency, the price movement of which can be easily predicted no matter how popular it is. There is no single entity that can decide or control the direction the price of the coin will take, owing to its inherent decentralized nature. In addition, various barriers (including government regulation, real-world applicability, massive adoption, etc.) that cryptocurrencies must break on their way make them even more volatile and unpredictable. So, what to look at when trying to feel the price trend? - Cryptocurrency roadmap, development potential, user sentiments, news.

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