PUBG tips: How to successfully dodge a bridge camp?

Bridge camping has turned out to be a highly advantageous strategy to PUBG Mobile players.

Bridge camping has turned out to be a highly advantageous strategy to PUBG Mobile players, due to its simplicity in execution and the prospect of a high kill rate. As it is in all cases, any such strategy will have many more takers as time passes. A great tactic for squads and duos, and not so much for solo players, what makes a highly effective bridge camp is to make the enemies completely oblivious to an upcoming assault. Naturally, breaking such a camp will require some strategy and skill. Also, if the blue zone is closing and the players are on the wrong end of the bridge, then there arrives urgency in breaking the camp. Nevertheless, bridge camping adds a unique thrill to the game, with many engagements.

Tip 1: Use the team snipers to scope out possible bridge camps

Players would’ve noticed that there are few good vantage points around the bridge that let players to scope out any bridge camps from a distance. This tip is simply a must-follow for every player approaching a bridge. A great sniper offensive before spraying or rushing would offer players enough support to effectively break a camp. Even if the snipers choose not to attack as a strategic decision, they can still determine the enemy positions.

Tip 2: Use natural covers for survival, such as damaged buses and bridge pillars

Any player who has been across or even seen the bridge would know that there are always damaged cars on the pathway. These can be and must be used for cover, no matter how clear the road ahead looks. Also, the bridge itself has many pillars that allow players to hide behind. There must be some care taken though, so as not to fall into the river below. Rest assured that these are the same places that the opposing teams would be using to set up their bridge camps.

Tip 3: Use smoke and grenade to approach the enemy during engagement

Since a large area between both ends of the bridge is open, with the bridge pillars as the only cover, having an ample supply of smoke and other grenades would help. Players must prepare beforehand and conserve or acquire smoke grenades while planning on approaching a bridge. Using the smoke as cover to close the distance and using grenades to add more damage to the enemies in groups, will break the camp instantly. But the players must be aware of snipers positioned away from the central location of the blockade.

Tip 4: Ambush the enemy from both sides to get an upper hand in the engagement

Patience and extreme caution are the keys to effectively implement this strategy. If a team spots a bridge camp from a distance, then they can split-up and ambush the enemy from both ends. A little risky strategy, but it should work if executed to perfection. While one group of players approach the bridge, they should proceed with a planned attack. The idea behind this attack would be to simply distract the enemy, while the other group of players get to the other side. This, either by swimming or using the boat. The group on the bridge should maintain constant attack so that the enemy remains too engaged to notice other players sneaking up on their back. Once in position, the two groups can proceed with a surprise attack that should startle the enemy and break the camp with ease.

Bonus Tip: Beat the camp, rather than breaking it; especially good for solo players

This is a risky trick, but it could be the best option in the case where players find themselves at the wrong end of the bridge as the blue zone closes. In such a case, using the bridge is the best option, compared to swimming across. How can this be done? Using motorcycles. This is an ingenious technique where players can leverage the power and functionality of motorcycles to jump across to the other side through the middle of the bridge. Players need to ride through the bridge road and then time their jump at either side the bridge, facing the river, while maintaining the direction towards the land on the other side. On landing, the players need to focus on getting to cover before the enemies have enough time to react.

Bridge camps allow players on both ends to exercise their skills in strategy, aim, assault and every other aspect. Also, it gives the opportunity to improve the kill count and garner some ratings. To break a bridge camp requires players to adapt to situations, since it is hard to predict enemy strategy. Gathering information before attacking is the best way to proceed.

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