Apple Smartwatch saves man’s life by reporting abnormal heart rate

Tests revealed that Cox was born with a leaky heart valve and was lucky to have the issue diagnosed.

Jorge Cox, a 22 year old student was warned by his apple smartwatch that his heart was beating at a rate of over 130 beats per minute, which is much higher than the usual 60-100 beats per minute.

Cox initially blamed the amount of coffee he was having to cope up with his exams as the cause of his high heart rate. "I only mentioned it in passing to a nurse who was prepping me for a tonsillectomy because she asked if I had any history of heart problems.” he added.

The nurse however revealed the problem to be something much bigger than coffee.

After the man approached doctors and told them of his observations, tests revealed that Cox was born with a leaky heart valve. Doctors explained how Cox had been very lucky to diagnose the issue before it could prove to be fatal.

Cox said “The Apple Watch tells you if there is a spike in heart rate, but mine kept happening when I was lying down, watching TV or dozing which is unusual.”

The Manchester based student is currently undergoing surgery to fix his condition. He is currently resting and his heart rate is normal as of now.

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