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5 Indian start-ups becoming career accelerators for engineers

Published Feb 15, 2020, 8:17 am IST
Updated Feb 15, 2020, 8:17 am IST
Engineering graduates in India still lag on the employability front.

 Engineering graduates in India still lag on the employability front.

The engineering sector has been through a phase of being a popular career choice to that of a saturated market. While the number of engineers passing out every year increases, the lack of skills amongst the talent pool and increasing shift towards automation is disrupting the engineering ecosystem in India. According to a recent survey published in 2019, more than one-third of the engineering students lack the skills to be considered employable. Hence, Engineering graduates in India still lag on the employability front.
Below are 5 Indian start-ups that are becoming career accelerators for engineers and helping them navigate this gap and find well-paying jobs in the industry -

Bridgelabz – Mumbai based Bridgelabz is an AWS recognized Incubator focused on solving the tech employability challenge. BridgeLabz aims to solve the problem of low employability of engineers in India, by expanding the employability pool with its ‘Maker Program’. It provides custom-trained talent to tech companies based on their specific tech landscape requirements and is the first organization to claim 100 per cent guaranteed job placement to engineers on emerging technologies. By FY20-21 BridgeLabz aims to support the ecosystem with more than 2500 tech talent. 

Pesto – Pesto is Delhi-based Company who runs a 12 weeks boot camp for software engineers with a minimum two years of experience to groom their advanced programming skills which are essential in today’s job scenario. In this camp, aspirants get an opportunity to connect with US mentors through video conferencing. Pesto allows students to enrol for the program at free of cost and pay when they get a job.

Skill-Lync – Skill-lync, a Chennai-based start-up started as a Youtube channel wherein they shared engineering tips. They have grown now as a part of Y combinator program of the US.  Skill-lync offers courses to engineers to prepare them for mechanical engineering jobs. Courses are further defined in 3 modules, candidates can opt for the one-off module to full-time curriculums.

Imarticus - Imarticus Learning is India’s leading professional education company that offers training in technology and analytics program. It has educated 30,000+ individuals globally through its certification, pre-degree, and postgraduate programs offered in association with leading and renowned organizations in the technology services and analytics domain. Since its inception in 2011, Imarticus has emerged as the preferred sourcing, training, and skill development partner for over 200+ firms, which include leading global & domestic banks, consulting, and technology & analytics firms   

Interview Bit- Founded in 2015, the Bengaluru-based start-up offers computer science courses through live online classes. Students are mentored and taught by tech leaders and experts working with companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix, among others.  The start-up aims to polish the skills of fresh college graduates, working professional engineers and make them job ready.

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