4 Apps that help students to learn at Home

These apps are becoming a savior for young people today by enabling them to access the study material at home or anywhere else.

In the age of digitalization and technological advancements, the world is getting informed by leaps and bounds. For students, learning dynamics have changed dramatically. From being dependent on classroom teaching and class notes, the educational apps have brought in a revolution in ways students used to read and learn earlier. These apps are becoming a savior for millennial by enabling them to access the study material at home or anywhere else.

TeachNext@Home: The award-winning multimedia content, integrated with world-class tools, lesson plans and assessments, helps students clarify doubts, revise concepts, develop their analytical skills and customise their learning needs at home, ensuring the best possible learning outcomes for students. The quality of the content has been validated through a testing tool, the Learning Objective Evaluation (LOBE) Instrument, developed at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. Meant to enhance the home-learning experience, it helps 21st-century learners to be the architects of their own knowledge anytime, anywhere.

Topper: It is an adaptive learning app for students in classes 5th to 12th — which enables learning via machine learning algorithms. It offers a personalized learning experience to evaluate students based on their strengths, weaknesses and learning aptitudes.

Enguru: It helps you learn English from the comfort of your home. With a busy schedule, adults and even students nowadays do not have sufficient time to learn a new skill or hone the existing ones. Enguru, an ed-tech app which offers spoken English and communication skills in 27 languages and also offers live classes that the users can access and learn from the comfort of their homes.

Catalyst Group: A growing learning platform it has a vision of affordable quality education available to all. It provides students training for GATE, IES, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. To help them crack these competitive exams, the platform houses the biggest group of engineering experts including civil servants, senior professors, authors and senior professionals, who work together to deliver quality content. It enables the students to take lectures from anywhere and at any hour of the day

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