E-Commerce gets a tech-enabled ‘community’ makeover

A look at some of the leading platforms leveraging the content-community-commerce model by leveraging the latest tech.

A strongly bonded community has always remained at the helm of a revolution and the present day brands seem to be in pursuit of the same. In their bit to acquire mindshare and create a riveting presence, upcoming businesses of today are focused on cultivating a strongly-bonded community. With the digital mediums replicating offline interactions, the community gives rise to a plethora of user-generated content that is meaningful and contextually relevant for today’s businesses. It also creates opportunities for brands to tag their products and enable seamless purchases. Let’s take a closer look at some of the leading platforms leveraging the content-community-commerce model by leveraging the latest tech.

Making stories of online sellers stand out: Shopmatic World

Spearheading the cause of enhanced visibility for the SMBs, international e-commerce platform, Shopmatic launched a ground breaking new platform, Shopmatic World. As an avant-garde discovery and curated platform, Shopmatic World is harboured around the real stories of online entrepreneurs, their distinguished ingenuity and perseverance that have gone into the genesis of the brand. Online visitors can delve deeper into the brands that intrigues them at first sight and discover the story behind its genesis, along with its top-selling products. If the online visitors wish to purchase from the brand of their liking, they would then be redirected to the online shop of the brand, hosted within the Shopmatic’s ecosystem.

A community for content creators & consumers: Trell

Fondly referred to as the Video Pinterest for India, Trell bridges the gap between content creators and users looking for meaningful content & community engagement on social media. Leveraging advanced technology, Trell makes video blogging a simple endeavour for content creators, who may now engage with a spirited community of over 1 Million Monthly Active Users on the mobile app in meaningful ways. Owing to user-generated content, Trell offers its community of users with lifestyle inspirations, personal anecdotes, fascinating snippets about travel and more. Till date, the content creators on TRELL have generated over 1.6 Million original and meaningful content pieces around lifestyle. The platform also helps brands to unlock newer opportunities for online commerce. As content creators gain the trust of the audience, they are primed up to discover more about suitable brands and services, which TRELL integrates subtly in the background, without letting it interfere with UX.

A striving community of fashionistas & aspirants: Nykaa

Nykaa has announced that its online interactive beauty platform, Nykaa Network, now has about one million subscribers, thanks to User-Generated Content that remains one of the biggest drivers of success for the brand’s content marketing strategy. Starting with less than 10,000 subscribers barely a year ago, the forum has grown organically, powered entirely by User-Generated Content, while simultaneously allowing users exclusive interactions with beauty brands, industry experts and fellow beauty buffs.

For spirited and live sports engagement: BalleBaazi

BalleBaazi is an online Cricket Fantasy gaming platform launched in January 2018, and the site has since become a mighty force in Indian fantasy gaming space. The company launched it’s mobile app in September this year and is already being considered among the best fantasy apps in India. Catering to a fan base that runs in lakhs, BalleBaazi offers a variety of gaming formats (Classic Fantasy, Batting Fantasy, and Bowling Fantasy), sign-up and referral bonuses, private contests and the list goes on and on. Simply put, everything seems to be SIMPLER, FASTER and BETTER on BalleBaazi.

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