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Technology Other News 14 Apr 2019 5 Apps for judicious ...

5 Apps for judicious use of screen time by your kids

Published Apr 14, 2019, 3:51 pm IST
Updated Apr 14, 2019, 3:51 pm IST
Digital apps that can transform the way students judiciously use their screen time to learn and practice.
Apps are one such example of potent tools that students can embrace for their learning requirements. (Photo: Pixabay)
 Apps are one such example of potent tools that students can embrace for their learning requirements. (Photo: Pixabay)

The internet has had a prolonged influence on all aspects of our lives, from politics to popular culture. One of the most significant areas where there has been a swift turn of events has been in the education sector. With the rapid technological development, digital education has become an important and imperative part of learning. We’ve not only seen white and blackboards being replaced by projectors and digital boards but also a shift in learning and teaching with the development of e-learning tools and edutainment. Apps are one such example of potent tools that students can embrace for their learning requirements.

Let’s look at some of these digital apps that can transform the way students judiciously use their screen time to learn and practice –


Avocado - Most kids do not relate to mathematical and science problems, as they are abstract and may not have an immediate application, hence there is a lack of motivation to learn these subjects. Avocado is an app to practice questions from Maths and Science textbooks. Getting kids to practice at home is a difficult task in itself but the Avocado app makes this experience fun and interesting one. Using the app, students can access customized practice tests, detailed answer rationales, and review of results with just a few taps. The app also gives access to analytics to help build a winning strategy for outcome-based learning.

iChamp - iChamp is India’s first practice app. It uses a gamified quiz-based learning system to enhance Maths and English skills for children (5-13 age group). The app offers a series of short duration quizzes/challenges that a child takes – either individually or against a group of students selected from across the country. Students can win virtually as well as physical rewards, compete with their friends and schoolmates, team up with students and challenge other kids and do a whole host of other exciting things on iChamp. There are fun things like Avatars, live challenges with other students and friends, an All India Leaderboard to elevate a child’s winning experience.

Duolingo – This app is a really good way to get students into learning a foreign language. It offers learners a variety of languages including Spanish, Dutch, Danish, French, Italian, German and even English. Completely free to download and use, it is incredibly fun and reinforces what you’ve learned via fun tests and quizzes. It’s not just popular with school students but also with people of all age groups who want to learn a new language.

BYJU’s – This is one of the most popular learning apps in the country. BYJU’S offers highly personalised, engaging and effective learning programs for students in classes 4-12(K-12). Students across regions can access the best teachers and see concepts come to life. Every detail of a student’s journey is planned and executed at the deepest level with subject matter experts, teachers and tools like videos, interactive animations, quizzes and assessments.

Doubtnut – Learning Math and getting your doubts cleared was never this effortless. But with Doubtnut, students can easily get clarity on their concepts and problems by just clicking a picture of the question and uploading it on to the app, the app then sends a video solution in just a few minutes. Doubtnut uses AI technologies for image recognition, natural language processing and proprietary machine learning algorithms to throw up solutions to students’ queries. The app caters to students aged between 14-19 years.

With digital learning tools, we don’t have to limit ourselves to any place or time for our learning needs, we can learn and practice on the go. The idea of school as the only place where actual studying takes place has slowly been replaced by at-home learning products and channels which make any place a centre of learning.

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