5 startups that help you with financial solutions

From financing your car to getting easy loans, now you can get all financial services with a single click on your mobile phone.

As we all know that India is the world's fifth-largest economy by nominal GDP and the third-largest by purchasing power parity. Every sector is contributing as much as they can to maintain the right balance in the Economy. Indian Startup ecosystem uses technology and AI/MI to offer financial services in no time and there are a lot of startups that are coming up to ease the issue of finance/Credit in India.

Earlier people use to go to the banks and sahukar (Money Lenders) to take loans. It takes a lot of effort and time with heavy paperwork. Now in today's world, Indian start-ups are coming up with various products to ease finance/Credit or loans within 5-10 minutes without any paperwork. From financing your car to getting easy loans, now you can get all financial services with a single click on your mobile phone with the ease of EMI's.

Droom Credit:

Droom Credit is India's first marketplace that offers loan decision in 30 seconds for automobiles. It gives freedom to apply for loan anytime, anywhere using any device 24x7. Since Droom Credit is a marketplace with multiple lenders competing for the same business, the borrower can get credit terms that are not easy to find or possible in traditional system.

As an urban professional, you shouldn’t just download the MoneyTap app. You must also apply for your credit line on it as soon as possible. MoneyTap extends you a line of credit worth up to Rs. 5 lakhs. The app enables you to borrow money with EMIs from 2 to 36 months. The application truly proves its worth weighed in gold during rainy days and is highly recommended.

Incred Finance:

InCred is credit for Incredible India. We use technology and data-science to make lending quick, simple and hassle-free. We believe traditional ways of lending can exclude those most in need because of outdated, rigid and often inefficient processes. At InCred, we have simplified the lending process with a sharp focus on serving our borrowers’ unique needs and circumstances – offering our customers a truly superior borrowing experience.


Qbera is an online lending platform providing fast, frictionless, and fair personal loans to professionals. Launched in January 2017 by Aditya Kumar, the company is headquartered in and operates out of Bangalore and provides lending services through an end-to-end digital platform, enabling the transfer of funds to the borrower within 24 hours of receiving the online application. One of the company’s main areas of focus is providing loans to potential borrowers who are largely overlooked by banks and financial institutions. These borrowers make up a large segment of the population and include individuals with incomes less than Rs. 6 lakh per annum, employees working for companies unlisted with banks, and people who are new to credit in addition to those who live in PGs or Bachelor accommodations.


If a business loan is what you’re looking for, then no lender can serve you better than the ML-based fintech platform HAPPY. HAPPY has a proven track record in MSME lending and disburses loans in less than 1 minute of application. Yes, there’s a reason why the platform has maintained its rate of 70% repeat borrowers. If you avail HAPPY’s services once, you simply won’t need anyone else after that. The ML-driven platform now also caters to the logistics sector and retail consumers (for utility bill payments and recharges). You will be glad after giving it a shot!

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