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4 apps to help office-goers sail through commuting chaos

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Published on: February 14, 2020 | Updated on: February 14, 2020

Here are 4 apps to solve your daily commute woes.

Apps that help you enjoy a better commute. (Representational photo)

Apps that help you enjoy a better commute. (Representational photo)

The daily commute can eat up a decent chunk of one’s money, time, and peace of mind. Working professionals, living far from city centres and business districts and without convenient access to public transport, perhaps feeling the pressure even more. This pressure tends to reach its peak when there's a cab strike in the city. Here are 4 apps to solve your daily commute woes: 


Routematic, one-stop automated solution for employee commute, offers technology-based employee Transportation app. It provides predictive fleet services for the corporate houses, ensuring the best combination of employee pickups with the least time-consuming route. This saves the commuter hassles of driving or coordinating their ride, in the most efficient way, thereby contributing to their productivity at work. Routematic is the only technology-enabled fleet operator in the market. With several innovations such as 1-click cab routing algorithm, hardware-independent solutions, automated vehicle allocation & dispatch and female employee safe drop confirmation, Routematic has established itself as an innovation leader in the market.


Founded in 2009 with the intention of bringing technology to the employee transport process and addressing the demand for safe and reliable shared transport options. Since then, it has been a constant endeavour to enable companies to manage their employees transport operations, better, and optimized to mitigate financial, security risks and reduce transport costs.


A way to provide basic mobility for all segments of population, resulting in a positive impact on economic growth and a positive impact on economic welfare. SRide provides an easy way to find safe and friendly ride partners, bring about a lifestyle change, moving away from self-owned automobile dependency to shared services and active transportation it also helps users save time and money. 


Shuttl’s platform sees 1 lakh rides on crowdsourced routes every day. Riders pay as per to a subscription package. They pay for an assured seat, which is different than riding in app-based cabs, where you pay for even unoccupied seats. The main challenge is to keep buses running during rain or shine and in heavy traffic and to send updates about any delay to riders. The firm, currently operational in six cities, has planned campaigns to encourage office-goers to leave. 

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