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5 apps ensuring better employee productivity at office

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Published on: March 13, 2019 | Updated on: March 13, 2019

HR centric websites/ apps are bringing in the changes which couldn't have been imagined 15 years ago.

HR apps that will ensure productivity (Photo: Pixabay)

HR apps that will ensure productivity (Photo: Pixabay)

India as a country receives the majority of its revenue from the agriculture and service sector. While the government works closely with the farmers to ensure good output, hence, revenue, equal attention is paid to the private and government employees, ensuring the rising graph of their efficiency. The service sector has always faced this challenge, crediting the competition persisting in the economy.

The incoming of the internet age, to the launching of a new employee and HR centric websites/ apps, are bringing in the changes which couldn’t have been imagined 15 years ago. Below are few such apps, which are facing the modern age challenges of improving efficiency.

Social Fever- The millennial are infamous for living their life on the phone, directly or indirectly hampering our personal and professional life. Social fever, an app for the Android and IoS users helps in the same problem. Using this app, one can limit their phone usage, keep a check on specific app usage. Which helps us in consciously reducing our unproductive screen time and boost our productivity.

Routematic- Research by the University of the West of England found that every extra minute spent travelling to and from work reduces job and leisure time satisfaction, increases strain and worsens mental health. Routematic, technology-based employee transportation company comes to rescue here. The company through their services ensures the best combination of employee pickups with the least time-consuming route. Thereby, saving a commuter the hassle of driving or coordinating their ride, in the most efficient way, and contributing to their productivity at work. 

Hangouts- Communication is one of the key components of working. A smooth conversation ability can help in making the game, else break it. Hangout, is one of the most efficient, hence, chosen mode of office communication. Its feature of being synced with Gmail, the ability to connect 100 people on a video, unlike other makes it an obvious choice. Thus, making work conversations as smooth as it can be. 

WinIt- Effective supervision is instrumental to drive better sales execution in any organisation. It enhances productivity and market work efficiency of supervisors. WINIT, the mobile Sales Force Automation (mSFA) company works on the same lines, ensuring minimum effort with the maximum result using its Mobile Sales Supervisor Solution (SSS).

HRAPP- A cloud-based HRMS that allows a corporate / industry to manage their HR activities, hence, saving one from the last minute hassles and keep the work on the track. Helping not just themselves but the HR, hence the company. The app also provides extensive support of audio & video chat among the employees and managers. It has an inbuilt mailbox through which all the mail activities can be managed in a single environment.

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