Hotstar releases India Watch Report 2019, detects gender shift in genre preferences

India Watch Report 2019 details the trends shaping the Indian video streaming world.

Hotstar, India’s largest premium streaming platform, released India Watch Report 2019 this week – a comprehensive study of online video consumption behaviour and trends. Based on Hotstar’s pan-India consumer base, the third edition of the report presents revelatory insights on how evolving content preferences, progressive gender shifts, and increasing accessibility continue to shape the modern Indian digital consumer.

Hotstar, with 400 Mn+ downloads, is one of the most downloaded apps in India, registering 2X installs and 3X growth in consumption this year as compared to 2018. This growth catalyses from Hotstar's endeavors in taking digital video consumption to new frontiers, where non-metros are outstripping metros in terms of video consumption and regional content has grown to account for 40 per cent of overall content consumption.

Propelled by this, a new generation of users are emerging who are embracing their individuality and cutting across age-old geographical, linguistic, and gender stereotypes. In 2019, men showed as high affinity to family drama as women with more than 40 per cent of family drama viewers being men, breaking the long-held belief that such genres don’t appeal to men. Meanwhile, women are also consuming more of their entertainment digitally, making up 45 per cent of the total entertainment consumption online.

Consumers today want a voice of their own, and the opportunity to interact with others and express themselves. As a result, online viewing is transitioning from a passive experience into an immersive and social one. During VIVO IPL 2019, 64 million viewers participated in Watch ‘N Play, twice as many as last year.

It is on the back of these insights and innovative marketing solutions, that Hotstar has emerged as the preferred choice by marketers to build interesting narratives around their brands.

Combining insightful data with entertaining facts, India Watch Report 2019 details the trends shaping the Indian video streaming world.

Some key highlights from the report:

Sports streaming has reached unparalleled heights

  • 300 Mn+ platform reach during the VIVO IPL 2019
  • 25.3 Mn Live Concurrent Viewers during the India vs New Zealand ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 semi-final
  • 100 Mn reach crossed in a single day; Multiple times throughout ICC CWC 2019

Users don’t conform to stereotypes

  • 63 per cent of the total online entertainment consumption came from non-metros. Lucknow, Pune and Patna surpassed Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Kolkata in video consumption
  • Men have as high affinity to family drama as women; More than 40 per cent viewers of Family drama are men.
  • 45 per cent of total entertainment consumption came from women (3.2X growth in video consumption by women compared to last year)
  • 41 per cent of Game of Thrones viewers also watched Hindi family dramas

Regional languages travel the distance

  • More than 40 per cent video consumption came from regional content
  • Tamil, Telugu and Bengali are the top regional languages. In fact, Bigg Boss Tamil is the highest watched entertainment show having beaten all the Hindi TV Shows

Breaking new grounds on old fields

  • 4X growth in viewers for connected TV compared to last year
  • 7X growth in consumption for connected TV compared to last year

Hotstar’s immersive and interactive game, Watch ‘N Play, recorded greater participation

  • During VIVO IPL 2019, 64 Mn viewers (2X that of VIVO IPL 2018) participated in Watch ‘N Play
  • 1.5X time spent by viewers who participated in Watch’N Play compared to those who didn’t, during VIVO IPL 2019
  • Approximately 6 billion emojis were used during VIVO IPL 2019
  • Bringing friends closer, 44 Mn comments were shared live during VIVO IPL 2019

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