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Master blaster’s second Innings

Published Dec 12, 2017, 12:00 am IST
Updated Dec 12, 2017, 12:05 am IST
Sachin Tendulkar shares what keeps him inspired as he gets busy with so many creative pursuits.
Sachin Tendulkar
 Sachin Tendulkar

We know he plays cricket to perfection, but his second innings has made a singer out of him too, and he can hold his notes quite well. If you were to see a new video doing the rounds for his latest venture, where he raps in Hindi to the gaming family, it does bring an instant smile, as you see the prowess of the little maestro Sachin Tendulkar go from the crease to the mike, confidently! 

Sachin Tendulkar Sachin Tendulkar


“Yes, I was a bit nervous recording the song for 100MB. I am used to tackling bouncers and yorkers on field, but singing was an exciting challenge, and a completely new experience for me in my second innings. The recording experience was great, I got to learn a lot about music as well and with Sonu Nigam around, it was very comfortable. I am extremely happy that it came out well and the inclusion of the song in the teaser of the game also sounds great! I think Cricketwali Beat captures the vibes of cricket,” says the Master Blaster.


Whatever the Little Maestro touches takes a life of its own — be it his social endeavours or innumerable business ventures. And his die-hard fans, who would love to be in Sachin’s shoes, reliving their favourite innings will get to do just that with his game, Sachin Saga Cricket Champions, which was launched recently. 

Talking about the game, Sachin says, “When I first heard about the idea from JetSynthesys, the thought itself felt like a great way of engaging with fans and giving them an opportunity to play cricket, virtually. It gave me an opportunity to relive my cricketing journey too,” he says. 


“The team and I have spent hours in tracing my journey, and identifying iconic moments that will excite and challenge fans and players. It is an opportunity to relive moments and matches from my career in an authentic cricketing format. There is exciting trivia around me and some matches I played which the fans don’t know till date,” adds Sachin.

Sachin Saga Cricket ChampionsSachin Saga Cricket Champions

His movie was released, his book too, and he has been spotted at various social initiatives apart from his restaurant and team ownerships, we wonder how this drive and motivation keeps surpassing itself? “With each medium, I had a great experience of connecting with fans. They want to see something more than they have in the past 24 years. My goal has been to stay connected to the people who have supported me and continue to do so. Throughout my career, I have had various experiences that have helped me grow and achieve my dreams,” says the Master Blaster, whose son Arjun is showing great prowess in the Mumbai team with his recent four wicket haul where Mumbai beat Assam. 


We prod him on how this works with the father and son, given the indelible expertise and experience he has, but Sachin chooses to let Arjun do that talking on the field. Tendulkar’s inherent nature has always been that of an activist at heart… whether it is working towards a cleaner India, or lending his support to other social initiatives. For his fans, he has a clear message, “It is imperative that we undertake activities beyond our sedentary lifestyles to be fit and active. I would urge all gamers and mobile enthusiasts to also play a sport outside and beyond their expertise in the virtual world, as I firmly believe both can coexist.” In this gadget-induced scenario, that is the need of the hour.


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