Top 5 Electric Vehicle startups to watch out for

Owners of an EV have the advantage of much lower running costs.

The harmful effects of air pollution and the related health issues we are facing due to exhaust emissions is well understood. It is time to act on it soon before it's too late. As consumers, we can play our part. The solution to this is to adopt a sustainable mobility option - an Electric Vehicle which is non-polluting. Better air quality will lead to fewer health problems and related cost-saving as well. EVs are also quieter than petrol/diesel vehicles, which means less noise pollution. Owners of an EV have the advantage of much lower running costs. The average running cost of an EV works out around a third of the cost per kilometre when compared to conventional fuel (petrol) run vehicle.

Avan Motors - Avan Motors is one of the fastest-growing electric vehicle manufacturers in India that builds high-quality products with an aim to reinvent the urban electric mobility space. The inspiration behind the inception of Avan Motors was to provide a cost-effective and functional intra-city transport solution that is also sustainable and environment-friendly. The team at Avan Motors is driven by innovation and technology, with a strong focus on thinking out of the box to solve the challenges in the urban electric mobility space.
Ather Energy - The company has a vision of working the eco-friendly way. The “Ather” is derived from Aether, literally meaning the purest air. Their innovations are themselves a statement reconfirming the claims; they believe electric vehicles are the future of mobility. Conventional petrol or diesel-consuming vehicles pollute the environment by carbon emission and other pollution catalysts. Ather has also introduced its own charging network in the city of Bengaluru by the name of Ather Grid. As the company expands its market in other cities, it is bound to garner more interest from Indian buyers over time.

Okinawa Scooters -This brand is driven by the belief that they have the power to change how the world travels. Their innovations, fueled forward by their engineers allow them to power products that are both eco-friendly as well as state-of-the-art. Powered by green technology, Okinawa’s products are able to cover longer distances at higher speeds with lower emissions. The larger load capacity and stylish aesthetics make it all the more tempting. All of this, without affecting Mother Nature - that is what powers Okinawa. We aim to bring about a revolution in how India travels on two wheels.

Menza Motors - An electric automobile manufacturing company that aims to introduce a new dimension in commuting and transportation in India with its avant-garde bikes and motor technology. Its vision is to utilize sustainable, customizable technology to enhance human connectivity and transportation. This can ultimately usher the world into a healthier future.

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