Facebook to begin pushing ads on Messenger

The social media giant's messaging platform will be pushing ads for generating revenue for the company.

Facebook is planning to globally roll out its updated beta version of the Messenger app that will show advertisements on the app’s home screen. Although the rollout will be slow, users will be able to see linked ads on their app’s home screen by the end of the year.

Facebook will be targeting the ads based on the user’s interest. The company plans to publish ads in the app that will work like the ones on other platforms, i.e. open a website related to the advertised content. However, Facebook also hopes that there will be more ads on the Messenger that will lead to direct chats with the businesses.

It is not known whether people will welcome the updates user experience involving ads. Facebook has to generate revenue from its services but they have to make sure that their financial interests don’t get in the way of the app’s user experience. If they don’t achieve that balance, then the social media giant could see users migrating to an alternative messenger platform.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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