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Enterprise Mobility: Trends to Watch in 2018

Published Oct 11, 2017, 11:44 am IST
Updated Oct 11, 2017, 11:44 am IST
The number of employees depending on smartphones within the work sphere is set to touch 2.5 million by 2018.
Plethora of innovations from developers have witnessed the tremendous growth in the exponential technologies.
 Plethora of innovations from developers have witnessed the tremendous growth in the exponential technologies.

In the age of mobility, digital trends are to reinvent and simplify routine processes. In the current scenario, the consumers prefer to depend more on the handheld devices, and therefore, the mobility has a lot more innovations to go through and bringing astonishing experiences for the end user. 2017 has brought in more surprises with utmost technological innovations. That makes the market’s anticipation for 2018 higher, which is worth taking a note off. Here is what to expect ahead:

Adaptability of BYOD will grow


Enterprise Mobility is gaining tremendous traction in the past few years. In fact, the number of employees depending on smartphones within the work sphere is set to touch 2.5 million by 2018. With its impressive impact on reducing hardware maintenance costs and offering more flexibility in employee production hours, Bring Your Own Device is set to become a necessity in the coming years.

The benefits of Enterprise mobility are endless and its advantage of running real-time business processes rapidly and reducing operational costs by more than half has made it a profitable area for investors. In fact, business processes such as Helpdesk Support, Recruitment, Customer feedback, Performance Analytics have already implemented BYOD across the industrial cap.


Wearables, IoT, and More

Today, Mobility has become a powerful force to be reckoned with. Its ability to derive data from users’ daily habits and preferences has not only made our lives more comfortable, but has also equipped businesses with powerful tools to enhance their service offerings. Solution Analysis has become a crucial and deciding factor for the success of the business with the rise of the Internet of Things and mobility takes it further ahead with connected wearable devices. In all these examples, Mobility shines out and is sure to become the future of business operations.


Functionality will be the focus in 2018

The functionality from desktop to the mobile enrich the apps with rich features to enhance the user experience by making responsive and compact applications for mobiles. Whether it is customer data analytics or internal operations monitoring, apps are designed to handle easily as the dependency on desktop reduces. Mobility has made everything go mobile, thereby helping enterprises cutting down hardware maintenance costs. The functionality of apps by 2018 would enrich and simplify data analytics that will be a stepping stone for a further move.


Growing instant apps will dominate the market

For not being the secure solution, the Cloud still faces the wrath despite its stupendous success. That paves way for growing trend of the instant apps, which defines the future of mobility. Such instant apps can be launched instantly as it does not require the user to visit the app store. As it eliminates the access time into quick streaming, instant apps would be a revolutionary move. As These apps can be accessed directly as we do with websites. For sure, such instant apps will dominate the market in 2018.


Skilled developers will be in demand

Plethora of innovations from developers have witnessed the tremendous growth in the exponential technologies. As the demand for skilled techies is keep growing due to pitched demand, the trend has assured of an exponential work opportunity. Businesses have a pressing challenge to meet the market anticipations and resolve the determining talent crunch. Therefore, enterprises have started focusing on in-house training programs to educate employees and let them unlatch newer technologies.

Location-Based Services will gain prominence


The mobile applications have met with extensive utilization by providing location-based services where it suggests nearby restaurants, malls, hospitals, etc. As the service keeps growing with more relevance in 2017, 2018 will be the year that will take forward this and make more services to go mobile. As more innovations are on the way, it will be no surprise if it suggests a grocery store that has the specific product you are looking for. So, be pleasantly surprised when a mobile app notifies you with details.

And finally, the importance of enterprise mobile management will rise


Enterprises have unlatched the potential of Mobility to make most out of it. By shifting business processes from in-house to the handheld devices, enterprises have improvised communication, determined issues, enhanced decision making and thus fastened overall business cycle. EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management) software has gained credibility as there the enterprises are getting security concerns with such dependency.

The year 2018 will see an intense market growth and gain more specialization as EMM applications have grown toward a greater degree of protection against data leaks and illegitimate access.


- By Nandakumar, CEO and Managing Director, NDOT

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