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Wanna break bread with strangers?

Published Aug 11, 2017, 12:00 am IST
Updated Aug 11, 2017, 12:20 am IST
Canadian- Tamil Inderjit Vasudevan Moorthy has developed an app called Muster, which helps strangers bond over food.
Inderjit Vasudevan Moorthy
 Inderjit Vasudevan Moorthy

Food connects us with fond memories — sometimes with our grandmother’s comfort food, sharing lunch at school days, and at times, with unknown people.
Taking this to another level is the Muster app, launched by Canada-based Inderjit Vasudevan Moorthy. The app primarily connects people, even random strangers, helping them bond over food. In a candid chat with us, Inderjit reasons out the need.

A first-generation entrepreneur from Chennai, Inderjit, currently based in Canada, says, “People who know me know that I am a foodie and love to socialise. And through Muster, I’m trying to bring these two aspects together. ‘Make friends wherever you go’, is the app’s motto. It’s a known fact that food has a way of bringing people together, nurturing social interactions.”


A screenshot of the appA screenshot of the app

With social dining becoming a lifestyle trend across several countries, you can meet a stranger or a group of strangers and connect over food in any restaurant in your locality. The increased interference of technology is wielding a threat to our social interactions, making us more isolated and less social. “So, why not use the same technology to bridge this gap? And it gets even better when it is done through food!” he reasons out.

A high-school dropout, Inderjit explains that there is still a lot of scope left to be exploited when it comes to social dining. “Connecting with strangers and bonding over food is a sure shot way to make new friends!” he shares.

Through the app, the GPS locates restaurants and users around you that you can choose from. Inderjit explains the app’s mechanism — “You can invite a person or a group to share a meal. Once accepted, the chat option allows you to discuss details of your plans.”

The app was launched in mid-April and the makers are receiving decent responses. The team is planning to add ratings and testimonials about the person you have met. By next year, there will also be an option to add top five friendliest people in each city.

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