Instagram\'s ‘Unlabel India’ campaign to enable youth to express themselves safely

In partnership with Yuvaa, the campaign will run through 2020 and reach half a million people.

In the run up to Safer Internet Day, Instagram today announced a new campaign to nurture a safe and supportive community online. In partnership with Yuvaa, a youth media and insights company, the app has launched an ‘Unlabel India’ campaign, to inspire conversations among youth all across India and initiate positive online dialogue.

Instagram’s mission is to bring people closer to the people and things they love and that’s only possible when they feel safe online. The app has partnered with Yuvaa, known for their purpose driven content, to initiate the campaign in a phased manner. The first phase will begin with a roadshow to 20 cities in 50 colleges, where young Indians will be encouraged to speak up on issues such as mental health, bullying, safe spaces and gender sensitivity. They will also be given guidance on it. The next phase will be about having a sustained engagement with the colleges through ‘kindness clubs’, ‘kindness ambassadors’ and targeted digital campaigns.

The campaign builds over the successes of the ‘Unlabel’ content series that was launched last year by Instagram and Yuvaa. In 2020, the ‘Unlabel India’ campaign carries forward the same objective, but in the form of a scaled program that aims to positively impact the well-being of India’s Instagram community.

The app has also recently launched the ‘Restrict’ feature to prevent unwanted interactions and started asking for date of birth when creating an account to build a safer experience for the youngest members of our community.

After travelling across India to meet thousands of Gen Z last year, we are excited to bring to you UNLABEL INDIA: The Yuvaa Roadshow of Kindness, in partnership with @instagram India. Starting this February 2020, Yuvaa will travel to 20 cities, 50 colleges and meet, interact with and listen to thousands of India's youth, and unlabel India, one story at a time. If you want us to visit your college, reach out to us on and we will get in touch with you. Stay tuned for further deets! #YuvaaXInstagram #TheYuvaaRoadshowOfKindness #TheYuvaaRoadshow #UnlabelIndia #UnlabelWithYuvaa #366DaysOfKindness #YourStoryMatters . . . #Yuvaa #WeTheStories #WeAreYuvaa #MainHoonYuvaa #theyuvaaroadshow #roadshow #unlabel #labelsunlabelled #roadshowofkindness #kindness #kindnessmatters #journeyofkindness #indiancollege #stories #storiesofindia #storytellers #india

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