Your next Aston Martin or Range Rover could be secured by Blackberry

Blackberry previews the foundation of safe and secure autonomous motoring at CES 2018.

Blackberry is the name that comes to the mind when someone speaks of a secure software ecosystem. After securing a deal with NVIDIA for developing an autonomous car platform at CES 2018, they have been kind enough to show what they can do with the present infrastructure. Therefore, Blackberry QNX rolled up with an uber cool Aston Martin DB11 and a blingy Range Rover Supercharged that look bone stock.

However, peep inside and you will find their advanced OS taking place on the dashboard. The platform ensures a secure implementation of various Android apps, better acoustics management, a secure connection between the user’s smartphone and the car (to start the car, manage the temperature and even set a race track telemetry arrangement for wannabe racers).

The whole system completely relies on touch-based display, eliminating the need for a messy dashboard with buttons laid all over. The company said that this new platform will form the base to their future autonomous vehicle platform, using the current system’s experience and data to make autonomous driving safe and secure from malicious intentions (hacking) In short, this marks the next generation of autonomous smart car system.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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