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Know Indian elections inside out with these 5 podcasts on Hubhopper

Published May 10, 2019, 4:54 pm IST
Updated May 10, 2019, 4:54 pm IST
A list of five podcasts available on Hubhopper that would deepen your knowledge on elections to make better-informed choices.
 A list of five podcasts available on Hubhopper that would deepen your knowledge on elections to make better-informed choices.

While in India politics is the next most important thing to cricket for the people to consume, it is not always easy to fully understand the heavily loaded subject and its sub-concepts, especially when it is the year of elections. As mass media has become an important influencer in shaping people’s perceptions and election decisions, political parties are fighting their political battles on digital or broadcast media besides campaigning through yatras, rallies and road shows. Seeing the direct impact of social media on the lives of the people, they are also employing technology and using new media to maximize their sway.

The less formal and more conversational style of narrating through podcasts can make political news more relatable, as it gives the listeners a unique edge in terms of storytelling and personal conversations. Here is a list of five podcasts available on Hubhopper that would deepen your knowledge on elections to make better-informed choices.

Podcasts on Hubhopper

BBC Minute India by BBC

It is a bite-sized audio show, which summarises major issues in the country. In the current election time, it is venturing into explaining concepts like Lok Sabha and enlightening people about different election-related topics like voting with a disability.

Podcasts on Hubhopper

Ganatantra by IVM Podcasts

Ganatantra is an informative platform, which combines data, academic works and nuanced perspectives to educate people about working of Indian politics. With experts like political science thinker Dr Sarayu Natarajan, policy lawyer Alok Prasanna Kumar, Senior Resident Fellow at the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy in Bengaluru etc. on board, Ganatantra offers an amalgamation of Indian politics, technology, society and everyday news cycle. It breaks down the broader trends taking place currently for its listeners to help them better comprehend political news.

Podcasts on Hubhopper

Express Elections by Indian Express

In line with its motto of “journalism of courage”, this podcast by IE delves deep into current political and policy issues and rakes topics like why youth is not voting. It is dedicated wholly to covering every aspect of Indian elections. Express Elections also keep the listeners updated about all the topics trending and makes them aware of all the important political affiliations, which can help them in making informed voting decisions.

Podcasts on Hubhopper

Grand Tamasha by Hindustan Times

Milan Vaishnav breaks down the news in Indian politics and goes behind the headlines to give deeper insight into Indian politics to the listeners. This podcast by Hindustan Times raises important questions that are facing Indian voters in the 2019 general elections and beyond.

Podcasts on Hubhopper

Every Vote Matters by Suno India

Every Vote Matters (EVM) is a podcast which enlightens the listeners about their duties and rights as voters, also answer numerous questions linked to the seemingly complex electoral process. It answers election questions such as voting rights of NRIs; the difference between a national party and regional party, etc. the podcast also raises discussion on issues around women in politics, the importance of NOTA and political funding.

All these podcasts are effectively digging into people’s curiosity to take them beyond their superficial knowledge about Indian politics. Listening to these can increase their awareness to make a conversant decision on May 12.

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