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Accelerate your Professional Career Growth through Management Development Programs

Published Oct 9, 2019, 1:11 pm IST
Updated Oct 9, 2019, 1:13 pm IST
Management Development Programs are designed to educate, inform and inspire managers/ professionals.
 (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)
  (Photo: Representational/Pixabay)

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” We have come across this Richard Branson quote quite often. It’s a sentiment that finds resonance with many corporate professionals at some point or the other. Corporate roles are demanding and overcoming the challenges can be an exciting proposition. But there are times when managers/ professionals seek that extra bit of push and inspiration. An upgrade - in their skills and productivity - would be useful.

Management Development Programs are designed to educate, inform and inspire managers/ professionals. They have been proven to enhance their abilities and overall confidence as well. That’s why they are crucial for the growth of not only the individuals involved in the program but the organization too. Yes, they are an investment for organizations but the returns make them well worth the time, effort and costs.


MDPs and their tangible benefits for professionals

  • The first and often the most immediate benefit of MDPs is skills enhancement. Professionals who want to gain skills for an upcoming project or in keeping with their future goals can opt for programs that promote specific abilities. Professionals with a stronger knowledge base and skills set to create more efficient processes and strategies. They are more confident with problem-solving and decision making, which can positively influence their careers in the long run.
  • All professionals need to update their skills from time to time, especially with new technologies and pedagogies making their presence felt in the corporate world. MDP on Data Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Effective Communication, etc. are here to stay and imbibing skills in these areas is a huge value addition for all professionals. It can also give them a professional edge in the highly competitive corporate world.
  • Another vital advantage of short term training is that they focus on effective practices, which all professionals and organizations can do with. If something works, why change it, becomes the philosophy, which is difficult to fault. However, by being part of professional programs, managers are compelled to consider innovative ways and practices. They are often quite effective in boosting productivity.
  • MDPs also have a direct impact on the morale of corporate professionals. For starters, they prove to them that they are valued and trusted by their organizations. Moreover, professionals who opt for these programs on their own, come back to their workplaces feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Investing in one’s personal growth and development is a strong motivation to scale further heights of professional success. Managers who go through MDPs can position themselves for higher leadership roles too.
  • One of the exciting perks of being a part of MDPs is that you can meet, interact and network with other professionals in the field. You will be trained by experts in specific areas and gain insights along with a strong dose of inspiration. You will also be challenged and stimulated by interactions with fellow professionals, academics and researchers. This kind of dynamic professional network can lead to many interesting and rewarding prospects in the future.

There have been times when MDPs were seen with some speculation. Corporates have to think about their budgets. Sending employees for specialized training programs not only means additional costs but taking time off their busy work schedules. However, once the actual benefits are weighed in, it’s not difficult to convince organizations to invest in them for the growth of their managers and improving their own productivity.


All organizations, big and small, want to see a motivated workforce. MDPs result in highly inspired managers with the improved skill set, who are more committed to their organizations. That can lead to reduced employee turnover, which is the aim of companies in the first place. As for managers, it arms them with skills, latest knowledge and confidence to prove themselves in the professional sphere, which accelerates their career growth and boost employee satisfaction.

--Dr. Jitendra K. Das is Director, FORE School of Management, New Delhi


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