Samsung hides ads mocking iPhones for ditching the headphone jack

The ads are no more to be seen on Samsung’s official channels.

Not long ago, Samsung had a whole series of ads that mocked Apple’s latest rendition of the iPhone, the iPhone X for its ‘genius’ features.

One primary point mentioned in said ads was that the marvelous iPhone X did not have a headphone jack, and users who wanted to listen to music via a pair of wired earphones or headphones would have to use a dongle to connect them through the lightning port.

Further, if users wanted to listen to music and charge the phone at the same time, they’d have to use a double dongle.

While Samsung and its fans enjoyed the hilarious ads, it was at a time when their point was still valid. However, Samsung has since seemingly forgotten the usability of the jack after launching the Galaxy Note 10 series, which also ditches the headphone jack, offering dongles as alternatives. Whoops!

As a consequence the ads are no more to be seen on Samsung’s official channels, but we did find a copy on an unofficial YouTube channel, though. Watch it here-

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