Cybersecurity and CRM: All you need to know

In case of a data theft, there are several features within CRM that can be managed or programmed.

With CRM becoming an essential business practice, the days when vital customer and company data was stocked up securely in a cabinet under lock and key is gone. Today, this information, including crucial financial information, is logged into servers, possibly cloud based devices with strong connectivity to the World Wide Web, making it almost universally accessible and protected only through software codes and advanced and complex cyber security rules.

Limesh Parekh, CEO of Enjay IT Solutions, believes that two of the most common threats that data logged onto CRM can face include a threat of data loss due to server crash and a massive breach of security through data theft. In case of a server crash, there has been sufficient precaution taken these days to ensure data backup options on cloud or multiple servers with back of vital data. In case of a data theft, there are several features within CRM that can be managed or programmed to ensure the strictest level of security can be provided to the data stored on servers as well on a day to day basis, when accessed my multiple users, across platforms.

Some of the key features of CRM that can come handy to ensure the data security include:

Customised data access

Customisation is one of the most significant offerings of CRM processes. From tailor made solutions that cater to specific sectoral needs to mobile solutions and automated work flow systems, all can be made an integral part of any modern CRM process. Access to data is one such significant feature that can control who, when and where can access how much data, from a given CRM process. From a security point of view, this goes a long way in customising sensitive data access across select platforms and designations.

Devices are not available in the offline mode

While mobile CRM is one of the most sought after modern CRM process that gives access to data for executives on the go, it is also one of the sensitive platforms for data security. Threats or possible availability of data in the offline or non-work environment can be considered as a loophole of using CRM on mobile devices. However, customised security patterns on these devices ensure that while they are connected to the server, they are made unavailable in the offline mode. This helps secure data through use of adequate firewall and remote desktop security programs to ensure that while productivity is maintained, it does not compromise security.

Browser App based CRM services

Data stored on cloud-based platforms or servers that interact with a vast number of corporate and consumer devises, can make data accessible to the World Wide Web. However, the use of Browser App’s is one of the most reliable formats for using CRM processes and its data in a secure environment. App based CRM processes further ensure greater efficiency, ease of navigation and seamless integration, while ensuring it is secure from possible data hijacking that can happen through external browsers.

Data sharing controls

Just as CRM can be customised to provide data access, so it can be customised to ensure access to data copying and sharing. This means that while the executives utilising CRM for their day to day functioning like automated work flow and for generating vital sales reports and predictive analysis, the data can be programmed to not be available for download or for sharing. In other terms, without compromising the

Utilitarian purpose and functionality of CRM, the data can be controlled interms of downloads and copying/ sharing, making it secure on the server.


With innovation and modern technology come the rising threats of modern privacy infringement and theft, often beyond what one can imagine. However, CRM processes have, by far, been one of the most agile, highly evolved and best equipped to cater to the intelligent business needs of modern enterprises, with adequate provisions and customisations for security and dependability.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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