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A trip inside the Google Maps!

Published Dec 8, 2017, 12:22 am IST
Updated Dec 8, 2017, 12:22 am IST
Read through to know about the features of Google Maps that you didn’t even know existed!
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There is more to Google Maps than what meets the eye. To most of the avid smartphone users, utilising the map to travel from point A to B has become an integral part of their life, and with the cheaper internet rates these days — no one thinks twice to use the map throughout their entire journey. 

However, even to those who are pretty familiar with the app, some features might still be unknown. When DC took a road-trip, with Anal Ghosh, the Program Manager, Google Maps India, he broke down some of the ingenious features to us, which could make any trip — be it a short trip to a restaurant or a journey across states — an easy and interesting one. We bring you some of those interesting features to make your trips fun.


Features to make use of!

Offline Maps:
The internet rate might be cheap now, but it is not omni-present yet. So, when you know you are taking an off-beaten track, you still can navigate using the map if you have downloaded the area ahead of your journey. Though you don’t get the live traffic conditions in offline map, you can pretty much have everything to safely navigate without connectivity.

Now, make an organised list of places you want to suggest your friend to visit in your city. This could be a list of temples or the must-try cafes. The list pretty much becomes a tour guide for your friend, who is new in town.

Share Location:
Know your buddy’s exact location when the friend is on his/her way to meet up with share location option. Once your pal shares his/her location it shows up on your mobile, and you will know the exact ETA. Your friend can no longer fool you that he/she will reach in ‘just 5 minutes’! All you need to do is to convince them to share the location.

Ola and Uber on Google Maps:
Compare the rates between cab providers on Google Maps, which will make your trip economical. Also, you don’t have to break a sweat looking for the option in the app as it is placed along with driving, public transport, or walking options.

Local guide:
You are not just a consumer of Google Maps — you can contribute as well. As a local, you can help the app to become more informative and exhaustive. 
You can give information about the places you have visited, map the unmapped area, review restaurants, and feed information about places and become the local guide in Google Maps. As you climb the ladder of becoming a seasoned local guide, you get some amazing brownie points too!

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