Parooz app review: Friendship karoge?

Parooz, connects you to like-minded people with the help of Facebook.

The online friendship scene in India is picking up, especially amongst Gen X. it’s not just about finding a perfect partner; these apps also help in matching two like-minded strangers as friends. One such platform is Parooz, a meeting / friendship app, launched by San Francisco-based entrepreneur and former Google product manager, Shekhar Yadav.

Parooz allows people to connect with each other by matching their user profile data such as pictures, hobbies, food interest, area etc. The app is linked to your Facebook account for authentication. Once you log in you will find profiles of different users, if you are not interested then you swipe left and if you are interested in a particular profile you swipe right. The app also lists mutual friends. For user safety the app has a system that scores based on likelihood of the person being real person by analyzing messages and other user activities. They are also looking to partner with a few popular hangouts to create safe meeting places, so that you don’t have to worry about meeting a stranger in an unknown place.

Parooz is now available for Android users. They have plans to launch it soon for iOS.


( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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