The Fast Five: 5 apps that support your active city life!

Here are five apps that you must not delete from your phones as they support your active city life.

As smartphones continue to become an integral part of our daily lifestyles, it’s simply hard to imagine our lives without them. Perhaps, the applications installed over them are what truly add value to our lives. Might they be to make payments, to book a car, or even to get the money during your proverbial rainy days, they have only made us more effective, efficient, and nimble.

So, here are five apps that you must not delete from your phones as they support your active city life:


The first on our list is the undisputed leader in the Indian digital payments industry. From paying utility bills to retail payments, booking a gas cylinder to the payment of academic fees, and even purchase of gold (for as less as Re. 1), the use cases that the Paytm app caters to are simply innumerable. Further, more than 10 million retail merchants accept Paytm-based payments throughout India, making it a must-have application over your phone.


With its service availability across more than 45 cities in India, Zoomcar is another must-have application if you travel frequently and don’t wish to rely on cabs. The platform’s fleet includes over 10,000 cars and has emerged as a true leader in the urban mobility space. Apart from its hourly and daily rentals, Zoomcar’s ZAP Subscribe also enables you to own a car for flexible periods of 6, 12, 24, or 36 months. This ownership is without any downpayment, insurance costs, service and maintenance costs, and comes with 24x7 roadside assistance. Urban professionals simply can’t live without the Zoomcar app. If you believe in a flexible lifestyle, it applies to you as well!

As an urban professional, you shouldn’t just download the MoneyTap app. You must also apply for your credit line on it as soon as possible. MoneyTap extends you a line of credit worth up to Rs. 5 lakhs. The app enables you to borrow money with EMIs from 2 to 36 months. The application truly proves its worth weighed in gold during rainy days and is highly recommended.

SafeHouse Technologies

Well, as important are smartphones in our day-to-day lives, so is their security. These little devices hold a lot of sensitive data within them including our payment information, personally identifiable data, and whatnot, which makes it all the more imperative to secure them. And this is precisely why you should have SafeHouse Technologies on your device or, rather, its product ‘BodyGuard’. With its new-age, military-grade cybersecurity solution, BodyGuard literally makes your device ‘as safe as houses’.


Fashin app by Staqu is a true breakthrough for online shoppers. Feel like buying that outfit that you’ve just spotted in an online video? Fashin turns out to be your go-to app. You will be saved from all of your hassles by simply running its screenshot on this application. Fashin will directly take you to the platform selling it. The app further offers interesting deals and discounts, ensuring that no stone is left unturned vis-à-vis your online shopping experience.

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