Crediwatch to host IncredibleHack, a 24-hour hackathon for creative disruptors

The hackathon is for creative developers to build incredible fintech solutions.

Crediwatch, a Bangalore based TechFin company, building AI/ML tools to help the financial services industry reduce credit risk, has announced IncredibleHack, a 24-hour hackathon for developers to build something incredible in the fintech domain. As a leading data analytics and intelligent information platform, Crediwatch is in the pursuit of exceptional developers to get together and build the futuristic solutions that will pave the way forward for new services. The IncredibleHack by Crediwatch will take place on February 15th to February 16th 2020 in Bangalore.

The IncredibleHack will commence with a keynote presentation, where the founding team will introduce the concepts. Thenceforth, the participants will be provided with problem statements that are centred on the burgeoning world of fintech. As the participants will brainstorm and come up with hacks for some of the most pressing problems faced by the sector, Crediwatch will also be looking for creative developers to recruit for internal hiring opportunities.

The IncredibleHack promises to be a one-of-a-kind assembly of some of the brightest talents to network amongst themselves. Presenting a golden opportunity for developers to enhance their skills, IncredibleHack also offers exciting Prize Money to be claimed by the most promising talent. With job offers in play, the 24-hour long IncredibleHack event would also offer mentoring from experts in the sector, in addition to free goodies for all participants. The event is invite-only and the shortlisted candidates will receive the invite 5 days prior to the hackathon.

In order to emerge victorious at the event, participants must channelize the best of their creative faculties in the data analytics domain. Fundamental understanding of data procurement and storage architectures including data manufacturing and data mining would come in handy for the developers. The practice of modelling, including statistics, AI and ML, to derive insights from data would be the key to reach the finish line of this hackathon.

As a nimble and high-potential start-up, Crediwatch has, till date, provided insights on over 50,000 businesses and loans worth more than USD 7 billion. Leading financial institutions like SBI, KVB and RBL Bank and NBFCs like ABFL and Capital Float subscribe to Crediwatch’s Insights platform and Early Warning Signals to better manage their credit on a more dynamic basis.

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