Google Wi-Fi won’t boot if hacked

Published Feb 8, 2017, 12:26 pm IST
Updated Feb 8, 2017, 12:26 pm IST
According to the company, Google Wi-Fi provides fast, reliable Wi-Fi while also being secured.
Google Wi-Fi.
 Google Wi-Fi.

The world witnessed Safer Internet Day on Feburary 7, 2016 and search giant Google took the opportunity to talk about the importance of safety of one’s home network and how Google Wi-Fi works on similar principles.

In a blog published on February 7, Google described the multiple layers with which the Google Wi-Fi is built and how it won’t boot up even if its hacked.


Google Wi-Fi secured to the core

The company described it as “Verified boot,” which means the Wi-Fi won’t boot up unless it is verified by an official Google Wi-Fi software. In addition to this, users can change any settings on Google Wi-Fi. They simply need to use the Google Wi-Fi mobile app which is based on the same cloud security as other Google services like Gmail. This ensures that no changes are made to the user’s network unless they come from the authenticated app.

Home network that is updated with time

There have been numerous cases of botnets in the recent times. These are majorly detected in cameras, routers and other smart home devices and hold the potential of stealing one’s private data information and causing a considerable damage to the user’s internet servers. Thus, it is important that users understand how vulnerable their routers are and take steps accordingly.

Google Wi-Fi functions on similar lines. According to the company, it protects users against threats with automatic, behind-the-scene security updates.

Fast, reliable Wi-Fi to every corner of one’s home

Google Wi-Fi makes use of mesh technology wherein a system with multiple Wi-Fi work together to create a blanket of coverage. This provides a fast and reliable Wi-Fi network to each and every corner of one’s home.

Moreover, the Wi-Fi technology produces numerous security keys that are shared between all points to establish an encrypted communication amongst them.

The Google Vulnerability Reward Program

Google Wi-Fi is a part of Google’s Vulnerability Reward Program which was started back in 2010. The program provides rewards ranging from $100 to $20,000 to people who identify bugs in Google’s apps and reports them to the company. This way, Google’s team of dedicated engineers keep working to improve the security of Google Wi-Fi on user’s home network.