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Tinder introduces Loops to help you get more matches

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Published on: July 7, 2018 | Updated on: July 7, 2018

Tinder has introduced looping profile GIFs across the world.

Loops are two-second GIFs that can be played on a user's Tinder profile.

Loops are two-second GIFs that can be played on a user's Tinder profile.

If you ever needed to spice up your Tinder profile but did not know what to do than add that photo of yourself, Tinder has now come to your rescue and has officially introduced Loops that are two second looping GIFs that can be played on iOS users’ profiles.

After initially testing this feature in Canada and Sweden, Tinder has now rolled out the feature to users in the US, Western Europe, along with some countries in Asia and the Middle East. For those interested in adding these looping GIFs, you can edit your loops within the app and with the latest update you can add up to three more photos or GIFs, so profiles can have a total of nine.

The release notes state, "You get two seconds of looping video to show more personality, which is the best way to get more right swipes. You can be flirty, you can be fun, but no matter what, be you. And be quick about it, because everyone who’s anyone will be showing off their moves."

As per a report by The Verge, here is a full list of places where Loops will be available for iOS users:

Japan, United Kingdom, United States, France, Korea, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Kuwait, New Zealand, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, and United Arab Emirates.

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