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Scammers use ‘Facebook likes’ to promote malicious content

Published Mar 7, 2016, 9:16 pm IST
Updated Mar 7, 2016, 9:19 pm IST
Some scam artists have been misusing Facebook's Like button to promote malicious content.
 Some scam artists have been misusing Facebook's Like button to promote malicious content.

Mumbai: Some scam artists have been misusing social media website Facebook by initially posting popular content to fetch maximum likes and later adding malicious content to the same post for endorsing malicious content.

According to a recent media reports, some active scamsters on the social media website have been tricking users by first creating an attractive post to boost likes and then adding malicious links or hoaxes after the post has gained significant traffic.

Their motive seemed pretty simple: If any post on Facebook gets abundant likes and shares, it automatically propels to the top of a news feed. This is the reason why all popular posts appear more prominent than the others.

Facebook’s “Like” option is generally used by users to appreciate posts or pictures they like on the website. Since 2004, the social media giant has gained approximately 1.13 trillion likes, which is a huge number.

While it is very difficult to determine the number of likes Facebook fetches on a daily basis, majority of these likes are generated from popular viral posts, pictures and links.

In addition, scammers have also been promoting phishing links and fake product pages that redirect users to a paywall on the page to steal valuable user information such as credit card details.

Although Facebook has not yet commented on the issue, the company should quickly find a logical solution to reduce these activities.

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