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Going forward: The future of Televisions in India

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Published on: August 6, 2018 | Updated on: August 6, 2018

The TV Industry has improved with high-end technologies and various features of the 21st Century

Currently, the TV Industry is as aggressive as the mobile Industry.

Currently, the TV Industry is as aggressive as the mobile Industry.

Today, TV viewing has become very different from the olden Black and White days. Everyone wants their TV to have something unique and something different in it. Keeping the different needs and trends in mind, many TV companies have given tough competition by introducing the best of the TV in the market. Currently, the TV Industry is as aggressive as the mobile Industry. As there are many small brands that enter the market time and again which creates a cluster for that time period but at the end, only the best brands remain. So somewhere between trying to give the best quality TV’s to the people and at the same time staying in the market, the TV Industry has improved with high-end technologies and various features of the 21st Century. Here are the top trends of 2018.

TV Screens Get Even Slimmer and Bigger

Companies find traction for TV’s of 32inch and above. As people are looking forward for an up gradation of their TV along with affordable prices. There are many companies in the market that find their way up is through "The Bigger Way Out" because that is the latest trend that has been set in everyone’s home. We have forgotten how the olden TV’s were, ever since slim models have been around us. The TV’s have become equal to a mirror in the wall. They are no more like a huge box that takes too much space in your home. When we say "Slimmer & Bigger" we mean it doesn’t occupy so much space but you still get to enjoy the bigger view of it.

Watching your Mobile phone on the bigger screen

The TV Industry is just blowing our minds by getting better and better with the innovation of new technologies. Who could have ever thought that we could even connect our phones to our bigger screen? But the TV Industry made it possible for us. Tech-freaks will surely enjoy this feature. The feature is ‘Miracast feature" makes it easy for us to access our phone on the TV.  You can access the photos, videos, apps camera etc.

Voice interaction takes a leap forward

Many TVs from the major brands have some level of voice interaction, usually by speaking into the microphone embedded in the remote control. Generally, you can change channels, adjust the volume, and sometimes even search for content using voice commands. But this year, experts across the TV industry say a number of companies will take things up a notch by integrating digital voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, into their smart TV platforms. These TVs will not only let you use these voice assistants to search for and access content, but also interact with and control other compatible smart home devices, such as lighting, thermostats, and speakers.

A showcase to new TV technologies

Perhaps the most interesting TV technology we expect to hear about in 2018 is the "self-illuminating" LED, which can make an LCD TV more OLED-like. A few companies, including Samsung and Sony, have been working to develop this technology, in which LEDs generate their own light—eliminating the need for a backlight. What will have a big impact this year are improvements to LCD TV backlight technologies. Because LCD TV backlights are always on, the TV tries to block the light during dark scenes—but some light always manages to leak through. This can make blacks look grey, or create halos around lighter images shown against dark backgrounds. Full-array LED backlights, where the LEDs are arrayed across the entire bask of the panel rather than just on the edges, is one way LCD TVs can improve their performance.

— by Saurabh Kabra, Director and Business Operations, Truvision

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