Growing at the speed of sound; social media app ‘Helo’ says Hi!

In a very short period of time Helo has absolutely won all the hearts that determine a success of a social media platform.

Social media has empowered human beings like never before, with countless platforms giving ‘common man’ an opportunity to become a people’s person, irrespective of the place, the hour, the color, the caste or creed. In the same tantamount manner, Helo describes their mission is to add colour in everyone’s daily lives, in a bid to unite everyone together the creators of the Helo app wish to empower every ordinary citizen to create and share content in their own speaking lingos and become a part of the same spotlight everybody resides in, creating a huge family, a community around the world where everyone becomes a part of.

Since its existence, Helo has been growing at the speed of sound and is doing incredibly well for an app that originated just a year ago in India. With 1 million downloads within the first month of its launch in India and over 50 million monthly active users, Helo had all the reasons to celebrate and kick off their inaugural Helo Creator Summit, where they brought together nearly 500 content creators from across various parts of the nation.


Highlighting Helo’s run so far, Shyamanga Barooah, Content Operations Head, Helo said, “The response to Helo over the past year has exceeded our expectations. 85 per cent original user-generated content posted on our platform serves as a testament that we are widely recognized by India’s regional language communities as a key platform that empowers them to create, share and discover content in their preferred language.”

Mr. Shyamanga also explained how budget smartphones and cost-effective data plans have been a key driver for more user engagement on the app, “With affordable smartphones and low-cost internet data reaching more first-time internet users than ever before, we aim to continue with our mission of connecting the unconnected. We are looking forward to having more than 100 million monthly active users by the end of 2019.”

Understanding user behavior and then acting upon has helped Helo more than anything, the app offers user-generated content in the form of trending news, jokes, memes, wishes, quotes, Shayari and entertainment. The most interesting thing here would be the access to content in 14 different Indian languages, perfectly aimed at the untouched population residing in tier 2, tier 3 and more on the farther side of the market. To ensure the circulation of quality and verified content on the platform, Helo has partnered with more than 500 leading media houses and celebrities across languages, some of the most famous celebrities on the app include Sunny Leone, Hansika Motwani, Shriya Saran, and Neha Kakkar.

On the occasion, Helo introduced some new features for the app which include Helo Insights and Helo Playbook where creators would get feedback from their followers in order to help them create good engaging content. And in the end, the option to live stream has been made available for the creators to engage and interact with their audience in real-time.

With promising words, Raj Mishra, Head of Creator Strategy and Growth, Helo said, “With the launch of our new product features and tools that enable every creator to get a better understanding of their audience, we are optimistic that by the end of 2019, we will grow our creator community to as much as 100,000 across a diverse array of content categories.”

In a very short period of time, Helo has absolutely won all the hearts that determine the success of a social media platform. Delivering all kinds of expectations, whether be connecting, amalgamating communities and nothing short on entertainment, Helo has all the right ingredients for making it to the very top.

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