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The future of the idiot box: Weston's vision on Smart TVs ahead

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Published on: April 6, 2019 | Updated on: April 6, 2019

The internet will be the next and final source of information, entertainment and communication for all.

Times have changed  what we saw as smartphones and computers as the window to the world, will soon see the television as the next open window.

Times have changed what we saw as smartphones and computers as the window to the world, will soon see the television as the next open window.

Smart TV — the one buzz word that is all over the market today. After smartphones, the next upgrade you see in your home will definitely be the idiot box that usually never sees an upgrade in years. However, times have changed, and what we saw as smartphones and computers as the window to the world, will soon see the television as the next open window.

Smart TVs now connect to the internet directly and have an operating system similar to the laptop or smartphone. With built-in apps that can play music and videos to live streaming OTT platforms now in on the internet, the future of DTH and cable TV looks thin. The internet will be the next and final source of information, entertainment and communication for all. And with the smart TV now adding to the space, the medium is getting a lot more convenient and powerful.

Previously, smart TVs were very expensive. However, with 4K smart TVs available at dirt cheap prices, every home will see a 4K TV as a norm, and as soon as 2021, as predicted by most TV brands out there. With reducing prices, there is immense brand competition and the one who enjoys the most benefit is the consumer. However, different brands play in different zones to attract new customers. While one plays with lower prices, others offer higher features such as pre-loaded YouTube, Netflix, and Prime Video. And there are many other new players in the space who even offer OTT packages as part of the deal.

While the internet is getting faster and cheaper too, all households are soon upgrading to these smart flat panels. Not only the metros, with the penetration of internet into villages and talukas we are seeing a huge change in how people consume data in across the country. When in talks with Sumit Maini, Director for Weston Television, he revealed how the Smart TV can benefit rural areas in future. Apart from this, he also highlights how his company is focusing on affordable prices for a lager reach into the rural areas where many major brands don’t want to even consider, and what is the roadmap ahead for Weston.

DC: Why Smart TV is beneficial for rural growth development? How it is an affordable luxury for rural growth?

SM: Smart TV is the TV of future, customer can see all the content at his time whenever they want through the apps they like and especially very rich content via regional languages is available. It is affordable as customer can get this TV by paying very low EMI which could be as low as 999 Rs per month on monthly EMI and customer does not have to pay any interest.  As for the affordable luxury the new technology is paving the path of rural development by introducing them to new ways to improve their lifestyle. The OTT platforms keep them connected to the world eventually improving their day to day life by daily technological use. They are exposed to informative content and furthermore the information is in their regional language which gives makes it easier to understand and implement, for them.

DC: In the existed market of affordable TV how you expect Weston to survive in this market?

SM: For Weston customer gets value for the product they buy where by competitors TV are double the prices. Unlike other electronic companies that sell their product at very expensive price, we value our customers more and we usually sell our electronic appliances at a price that is reasonable and affordable. We believe in offering quality product to our clients more than making huge profits. Our main aim as a company is to transform the lives of our citizen and we do so by selling quality electronic product at a price that is affordable.

DC: How one can trust the brand quality and what is the value add does Weston provides?

SM: We are using Samsung panels and technology By Amlogic of California , USA whereby our produced are designed for the Indian conditions. As it is said customer is the king, we just don’t say it we also make them feel like as, by giving them constant customer service support with a prompt solutions and help for their doubts and complaints. Also, for over 40 years that we have been in this industry, we have consistently offered quality electronic products to our customers. We are well known as being the pioneer in introducing colour television in India and 40 years down the line, we are still committed to ensure that our clients get the best.

DC: How Weston different from other brands?

SM: Weston software is exclusively designed for the Indian customers by our Indian engineers whereas most other brands design from Chinese people. This is made in India Led TV for our Indian customers. Giving quality electronic products to our customers’ means that they are up to date with the latest technology. Our products are not only technologically advanced but we also have a research lab and experts who have dedicated their life to come up with new technologies to ensure that you get the best. We provide 9 different languages support by which customer can use this TV in the language they understand. When it comes to technology, you can be sure that we have the best.

DC: What is the roadmap of Weston, how they want to cater to the consumer?

SM: We will acquire customers by adding more and more retail network in the country. We have a wide network of more than 200 distributors and 3000 + retailers and which will grow more. The company provides true value to its customers by making technologically advanced, safe and high quality products available at affordable prices, backed up by a comprehensive after sales network. Our strength lies in providing a great value for money proposition to new age Indian’s who will find affordability, reliability, state of the art technology and great styling across our wide range of products. Also, we like to help in rural development where we provide them consumer durables in affordable price.

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