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Deccan Chronicle interviews Ms Nisha Kukreja of Luxaire about its IoT luxury fans

Published Feb 6, 2020, 12:59 pm IST
Updated Feb 6, 2020, 12:59 pm IST
Luxaire Luxury Fans aim to be at the forefront of all relevant emerging technology.
Luxaire has created a nice niche for themselves in a short amount of time.
 Luxaire has created a nice niche for themselves in a short amount of time.

Luxaire has rapidly developed its name in the luxury fan space and now the brand is venturing into the IoT (Internet of Things) spectrum with its latest offering, the BLDC fan. We spoke with Luxaire Founder, Ms Nisha Kukreja on the brand’s journey so far and what are its future plans with reference to a connected home.

1. What led to the idea to commence Luxaire and how has the journey been so far? 


Being in the business of Electrical trade, it seemed to be an obvious choice to enter the Designer and Luxury Fan market in 2012, when there was no dedicated player. Most were commercial fans - that was mass-produced in India and China. Bangalore was a good bet, being a hotbed for IT and start-ups and a lot of new money usually translates to an increased need for lifestyle and Luxury products.

Luxaire Nisha Kukreja

2. A designer fan with Smart Technology is a very aberrant idea, what led you towards this innovation? 

We were the first to introduce BLDC motor Luxury Fans in 2012. The other players that you see until today concentrate on technology but not design. So, we cater to clients who prefer green technology along with good design and high durability.


3. How do your IoT integrated fans work? Can you give us an insight into its apparatus and explain its function? 

All our IoT Integrated Fans come with Smart Home Remotes wherein all the functions of the remote can be controlled through the WiZ App as well. No Wall Regulators need to be used & in fact, it should be disconnected. Only the Remote or the WiZ App needs to be used to control the functions such as on / off, Speed Control & Light On / Off. Moreover, it is also compatible with Voice-Based applications such as Google Assistant, Siri & Alexa, making life so much easier for the user.


4. Do you think AI is the future of Luxury Fan Segment in India? 

AI is just an enabler to lead a comfortable life. The world is definitely going towards convenient living. We feel that the customers who prefer gadgets and new technology will grow in future, as it’s an Aspirational need. This works well with our younger audience at this point. Those in the middle and older age groups would still prefer a Good Designer Fans that last, over a ‘latest gadget’.

5. The smart home market is still in its nascent stage? How do you envision its growth? Initially, only new home buyers were looking at Decorative Fan options. However, nowadays the second rung of buyers, namely the second/third home & renovations market also looks promising. It could be bungalows or hotel renovations looking at Designer Fans to replace simple ones. Having said this, we firmly believe that by offering “Smart Solutions” which integrate Design & Convenience, the market will definitely grow by leaps & bounds in the immediate future as this is the need of the hour. 


6. Does Luxaire focus upon BLDC Fans, how important is the BLDC Technology in the Luxury space?

Even though our main focus is on Original design and high quality, we have seen that many customers are keen on energy-saving appliances as well. Hence, we were the first in India to launch BLDC Designer Fans in 2012 which was a Game changer at that point in time. This is a small way to help the environment and something that all of us can do. That’s why we now have many more BLDC designer fans with a focus on Good design & up to 70% energy savings!


7. Tell us more about the technologies that Luxaire offers to its consumers? 

We have many Decorative Fans with some amazing features:

1. Remote Controlled Fans

2. Reverse Forward Technology

3. Whisper Quiet Functionality

4. Canvas Blade Technology

5. BLDC Motor - Green Technology

6. App-Based Mobile Phone Controllable Fans Technology

7. Voice Command Applications such as Alexa, Google Assistant & Siri, compatible Technology

8. Can you explain to us the WiZ controller module of your IoT fans?

Our Smart Home Remote pairs very well with the WiZ app & is designed to offer discerning consumers an extremely seamless experience.


9. Tell us more about the remote-control features in your fans? Are they the normal IR ones that we use for TVs at home?

The Remotes provided are normally Radio Frequency based & can be used to control all the normal functions such as On / Off, speed control & light On / Off. However, the Smart Home Remotes are compatible with the New Gen IoT Technology.

10. Tell us more about the technology that Luxaire aims to offer its consumers in Future.

Luxaire Luxury Fans aim to be at the forefront of all relevant emerging technology which blends with our Designer Collection & makes Life easy for our esteemed & tech-savvy clients!


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