6 Startups Disrupting Marketing with New-Age Technology

The advent of technology has only accelerated this process, opening up new avenues for the innovative marketer.

Since its inception the field of marketing has been in a state of constant evolution, incorporating new ideas and techniques with each passing generation. The advent of technology has only accelerated this process, opening up new avenues for the innovative marketer. By collaborating with a tech-centric marketing company, brands have the opportunity to automate time-consuming processes, accurately measure the impact of marketing efforts, and drive more impactful campaigns at a fraction of traditional costs. Changes in technology and consumer trends is also forcing brands to look for more creative ways to leverage big data and agile concepts to provide their customers with a more holistic brand experience while also delivering business value. This mix of creativity and technology is what most brands are looking for right now, and marketing companies that are heeding this demand are trailblazers in the industry.

Here are a few leading marketing companies that are reshaping the field through their ground-breaking uses of technology:

Brandie: Brandie was established in 2016 as the world’s first crowd marketing platform. Brandie is built on the principle that consumers already endorse their favourite companies on social media. Collaborating with Brandie gives brands the opportunity to reward this behaviour, and build a network of vocal loyalists in the process. Playing on the concept of word-of-mouth marketing, the founders of Brandie have developed a disruptive model where consumers promote the brand they love on social media by posting pictures and earn rewards for it. This results in an increase of the brand’s revenue, while simultaneously reducing their marketing spend. Recently launched in India, Brandie has tied up with brands such as Air India, Godrej Nature’s Basket, Raw Pressery, and The Belgian Waffle Company.

Fluid AI: Mumbai-based Fluid AI was founded in 2008, with the belief that the power of artificial intelligence (AI) can be used across industries, sectors and use cases. This belief has seen the company partner with businesses in sectors as diverse as banking, retail, hotels, automotive, and realty. Through the implementation of AI systems and machine learning, Fluid AI aids businesses in judging the public perception of their brand across social and online media. The data analytics compiled by their systems also help in the development of marketing campaigns that best align with this perception. Fluid AI is currently working with customers including Vodafone, Toyota, Deloitte, Emirates NBD, Barclays, Rolls Royce, Accenture, and Axis Bank.

Netcore: Netcore offers cloud-based marketing automation solutions to marketers, empowering them to map customer journeys and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Netcore specialises in creating engagement platforms, building communication channels, and providing consultative services to businesses. Through this selection of cross-offerings, they help marketing departments engage with the public on a deeper level, offer improved ROI, and build brand positioning channels. Netcore is partnered with an array of businesses across the world, including Standard Chartered, SeekAsia, Magzter, Vodafone, Facebook, Thomas Cook, and Pfizer.

AdXFactory Media: The AdXFactory Media was established in February 2016. It is designed to facilitate the balance between global ad buyers and sellers, by supplying them with extensive technology and dedicated services. They serve across verticals and geographies to provide the best ROI for clients. The core intelligence incorporates premium quality traffic, exact focusing, and deep dive reporting with extensive Support by ADXFactory Team.

ForkMedia: Fork leverages online, mobile and video platforms to create innovative, turnaround solutions for advertisers and publishers alike. They create advertiser focused content, craft innovative ad engagements, and use data to match audience to brands. Fork Media works with publishers to unlock alternative revenue streams and with advertisers to create longer term engagement with their target consumer. At Fork the ads are carefully customised and then syndicated through a strong network of web publishers, allowing content to reach consumers across the globe. They work for companies like Reliance, Domino’s Pizza, Google, hp, Magic Bricks, Microsoft, Omega, and many other prominent companies.

Langoor: Langoor is a digital agency made of creative technologists. They help brands to achieve business outcomes through marketing strategies based on deep analytics and customer journeys. Langoor create 360-degree campaigns that connect online and offline experiences. They build and grow web systems, applications and e-commerce platforms that propel business forward. They work for brands like RedBus, Central Brand new, Accenture, The Body Shop, Ford, Fabindia, Wipro and many more brands.

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