Four easy steps to get your own Paytm payment gateway instantly

Here is why you require Paytm Payments Gateway service.

So, as a retailer or a freelancer, if you are selling your products/ services online or planning to start to offer an app/website to sell your goods and services, you should also have a trusted payment service provider for convenient payment experience for your customers.

Here is why you require Paytm Payments Gateway service:

1. It empowers your business with mobile checkout, web checkout, payment links (that you can post on social media platforms), and UPI-based payments.

2. It also gives you superior financial management capabilities with bulk payments, real-time business invoice generation, API-based reconciliation, and faster refunds.

3. Paytm Payment Gateway further equips you with value-added offerings such as merchant dashboard (for measuring key metrics, tracking sale conversions, customer spends, success rates, and so on). Moreover, you can give tax-free allowances to your employees with Paytm Food, Gift, and Fuel Wallet. You can also drive acquisition and retention campaigns with merchants and enjoy enhanced visibility.

Here are quick and easy DIY (do it yourself) steps for you to enrol for Paytm Payments Gateway services.

1. Log on to

2. Select the plan, i.e. ‘Starter’, ‘Standard’, and ‘Enterprise’ according to your unique business needs. Small businesses/ Individuals may choose ‘Starter’ and enjoy instant activation.

3. Now, just furnish the desired information (PAN, Business Details, Bank details, etc.), read and accept the ‘Terms and Conditions’, and click on ‘Start Accepting Payments’.

4. Your application will be approved as per your individual plan (instant activation for ‘Starter’).

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