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Technology Other News 03 Jul 2019 Hike Sticker Chat re ...

Hike Sticker Chat review: A sticker for all your emotions!

Published Jul 3, 2019, 2:21 pm IST
Updated Jul 3, 2019, 2:21 pm IST
Hike has a very clean and easy to understand interface, there is no difficulty in finding or using anything.
In the chat section, it comes equipped with all these new and cool features which have been combined with Artificial Intelligence to give users a dynamic experience.
 In the chat section, it comes equipped with all these new and cool features which have been combined with Artificial Intelligence to give users a dynamic experience.

To put emotions into word has always been a hard thing to do for any human, and then the advent of technology gave us the freedom to connect and communicate literally from anywhere around the world, well, even also from outer space. Now, to communicate is a necessity for us who walk on two feet and are considered to be the smartest animals on our planet. The era of cave paintings and stone carvings, pigeon posts, marathon men, the newspaper, telegraph, telephone, radio signals, etc, all of them passed us, we’ve entered into a digital age where communication is mainly dominated by mobile phones and its messengers. One such messenger that's popularly used in India is the Hike messaging app, India’s first homegrown messaging app which has successfully found a place for itself in a market mostly dominated by foreign options. Since its introduction in the year 2012, Kavin Bharti Mittal’s foundation has only been on the up and up, flourishing among the Indian user base.



With everything happening, Hike recently introduced the new expressive Sticker Chat in a bid to reduce people’s dependency on the keyboard, making the messaging process more fun, more engaging and interesting. With the Hike Sticker Chat, now one can easily convey their thoughts or feelings without stressing to put everything into words and sentences but through delightful stickers and it's very easy and only a click away.


One thing that every app developer wants is users spending their time on the app, user engagement with the app is necessary to decide if the app can make or break it in the market and having a clean user interface certainly helps with that.

Hike has a very clean and easy to use interface, there is no difficulty finding or using anything, very simple not at all complicated. Very easy to browse, users can find the moments, chat and stickers tab right in front and below the screen, a simple touch on the preferred tab would take you where you want to go.

In the chat section, it comes equipped with all these new and cool features which have been combined with Artificial Intelligence to give users a dynamic experience. Now you can send a sticker even without typing the entire word, based on the AI’s understanding of many situations — the time of the day, personal tastes, the relationship of a chat (and so much more), the app suggests you find the right sticker at the right time.


Another feature is ‘quick follow’, with this, you can easily converse without even typing a single word. All that you have to do is, just simply tap on the previous sticker you’ve sent and it will show suggestions accordingly. Not only limited to your stickers but with the ‘quick reply’ feature, just tap on the sender’s sticker and you’ll find personalized sticker recommendations to reply with.

The best feature according to me was the ‘text to stickers’ attribute. Just type anything as simple as a ‘Hi’ or a very complicated name of your friend, you’ll get a beautifully crafted text to sticker based on a combination of a few fonts and colours that the app automatically puts together.


As we’ve seen and learned about various modes of communicating through a sequence of eras to the present digital day, the idea of expression through words is a complex thing to find. The Hike Sticker Chat simply brings back the expressiveness in interaction through messenger apps without getting complicated and we love it. Simple and easy to understand UI, personalized experience through and out and so many stickers to express all kinds of emotions. Hike offers its stickers services in 29 different regional languages and then there’s English too, it’s fun, engaging and 100 per cent pragmatic.

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